DCCC Raises Money From Confederate Flag Controversy And South Carolina Tragedy, SC Democrats Blast Democratic Party

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is in full swing in South Carolina, and many other states, as the 2016 election year gets closer. However, the DCCC is drawing fire for a recent email that was sent out to elicit funds from Democrats, utilizing the Confederate flag controversy as its focal point. The criticism the DCCC faces over its use of the Confederate flag controversy in South Carolina, as Newsmax reports, comes from the most unlikely of places.

In a response to a conservative tweet asking why the DCCC was raising money off the South Carolina church shooting tragedy, Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party Jaime Harrison was the only one to respond to the tweet, and he also agreed with the critique.

“@wesleydonehue @TylerMJones @AlpertLoveday @Bakari_Sellers @antjuansea I have asked the DCCC to stop that email campaign.”

There were a few variances, and the DCCC emails were sent out at 7:00 p.m. Monday evening, but the emails kept the same question. The Washington Times posted the language of the email, which references Republican SC Governor Nikki Haley’s call to take down the Confederate flag that flies at their capital.

“Should South Carlona take down the Confederate flag from its state Capitol? 41,338 people have recorded their answer — but we still haven’t heard from you.”

The email link takes you to a DCCC poll that asked if South Carolina should take down the Confederate flag, and forces you to enter an email to answer this survey, which is fairly common nowadays. The South Carolina Confederate flag poll, once answered, sends you to a page looking to elicit a donation to the DCCC. For donating, you are offered a free sticker that says “Yes. I Voted Obama.”

DCCC Email Screenshot From IJReview

The Confederate flag has always been a controversial issue, with two different sides of the argument, but the South Carolina church shooting ramped up the side that argues it is a sign of racism and needs to be abolished. The reason behind the recent calls to take the Confederate flag down has been due to the displaying of the flag in pictures of the shooting suspect, Dylann Roof.

Other SC Democrats have also come out against the DCCC Confederate flag campaign poll. SC Representative Bakari Sellers, according to Newsmax, feels that it is poor timing.

“I have a great deal of respect for the DCCC, but this is just an inappropriate time to be raising money off of this. We haven’t even had our first funeral.”

The Blaze posted an email response they received from SC Democratic political advisor Antjuan Seawright, who said he has asked for the DCCC to stop the emails, as he was friends with two of the victims. Tyler Jones, South Carolina Democratic political director and spokesman, has also stated he was not in favor of it, either.

The Confederate flag controversy that started in South Carolina appears to overshadow the church shootings, which one op-ed pointed out.

Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton called the Confederate flag a “symbol of hate,” and said she was behind South Carolina taking it down, and has always been. This is despite her husband passing a law in Arkansas defending the flag and Clinton–Gore 1992 buttons that don the Confederate flag that surfaced earlier this week, as reported by the Inquisitr, and Hillary Clinton being noticeably silent on both issues.

What are your thoughts? Was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee improper in sending out this email?

Should tragedies be allowed to be used for political donations?

Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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