June 23, 2015
Fresno Hospital Triplets: Trio Of Triplets Born In June In California

Fresno hospital triplets have doctors seeing triple.

Doctors at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California, have delivered three sets of triplets within days of one another, leaving the doctors and nurses in awe, the Orange County Register reports.

The first set of triplets was born on June 7, the second on June 18, and the third three days later on June 21. While Dr. Steven Elliott, a neonatologist, said he has cared for as many as five sets of triplets at a time, he can't remember, in his 30-year career, a time when he had three sets of triplets simultaneously under his watch.

"It's time to buy a lottery ticket," Elliott joked during an interview on Monday, June 22, according to the Fresno Bee. According to Elliott, all nine babies were born via c-section, and are doing well. Two sets of the triplets were spontaneous, meaning that there were no "ovulation-inducing drugs and assisted reproductive technologies" used during their conception.

April Delgado, 38, has eight other children, and said her triplets would be her last. She says she thought the doctors were lying when they first told her she was carrying three babies, but now she sees it as a blessing. Delgado had three girls named Avery Madison, Leah Michelle, and Jennie Kristine. Avery and Leah are identical twins, weighing three pounds, 14 ounces and developing from a single egg, while Jennie developed in a separate egg and weighed three pounds, 10 ounces.

Christina Ramos, a first time mom, welcomed her babies Genesis Camila, Matias Emiliano and Aarón Sebastian. They were ten weeks premature and Genesis weighed three pounds, two ounces; Matias three pounds, one ounce; and Aarón three pounds, nine ounces. Ramos said she had a good chance of having twins, as they run in her family, but she never thought she would have triplets. The parents of the third set wanted privacy.

Surprisingly, there is actually a woman waiting to give birth to the fourth set of triplets at the Fresno hospital. The babies of Stacie Trasoras, 37, aren't due until Aug. 27, but could come much earlier. She also has twins that run in her family, but never triplets. Her pregnancy was the result of an ovulation-inducing drug, and her babies will be her first children with her new husband who is a Marine.

"I laughed hysterically for an hour," Stacie recalled of when she found out she was pregnant with triplets. Stacie said she hopes to get to talk to the mothers of the other sets of triplets.

"It's a good idea to have groups together and other parents you can rely upon," she said.

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