Great White Shark Eats 40-Foot Whale, Circles Boat In Viral Video

The great white shark in this now-viral video spends most of the time circling the cameraman’s boat.

However, towards the end of the recording, it seems as if the shark finally discovers the floating body of a dead whale in the nearby area. Once the shark made that discovery, it seemed to leave the boat alone and started eating away at the dead whale instead.

Thanks to the efficiency and high-quality underwater recording of a GoPro camera, the cameraman was able to capture it all in this nearly three-minute viral video.

According to the video description on World Star Hip-Hop, this great white shark footage was recorded 45 miles south of Long Beach, New York. When the fishers found the 40-foot dead whale floating in the water, they apparently noticed that there were numerous sharks swimming around it.

However, since the large great white shark was “the size of 3 or 4 average sharks,” according to the video description, it is apparently clear that it got first dibs when it came to eating away at the large whale.

According to Shark Facts, a great white shark is capable of eating sea lions (average weight: 660 lbs) whole. Therefore, it should not be surprising that a great white of this size would gradually eat away at a 40-foot whale — especially since the whale was already dead.

Another interesting fact is that great white sharks rarely attack humans. When they do attack humans, it is usually because of mistaking the person for their usual target — seals.

[Image Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]