Was Janet Castrejon Abducted?

A woman is missing in Arizona, and her loved ones believe she was kidnapped. Janet Castrejon was last seen around 1:30 p.m., Friday, at Rustler Park in Cochise County. It's been three days, and authorities have combed the Chiricahua Mountains with no result. No evidence has been found in the search for the missing woman either, so could her loved ones' suspicions be correct? The Las Cruces-Sun News reports that the woman is listed as missing-endangered, an upgrade from her previous status of simply missing.

The woman was vacationing in southern Arizona with her parents, who had traveled from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Eduardo Castrejon is the missing woman's father, and he believes that she's been abducted from the campground where she was last seen.

"We are convinced that there was an abduction. They don't think she's in the area anymore — dead or alive."
Meanwhile, authorities have not made any definitive statements regarding any presumed kidnapping. Searches are still taking place in the rugged mountain region where she may have wandered. When Janet Castrejon was last seen, she was walking with her mother, who stopped at the campground restroom. Lydia Castrejon says that her 44-year-old daughter wanted to walk back to the campsite by herself, where her father was reportedly waiting in their motor home. However, the missing woman never made it to the campsite, and she has not been seen since. Furthermore, no reports have indicated whether or not she was sighted by anyone else at the park during this window of time.

Janet Castrejon is reportedly partially blind and suffers from some kind of short term memory loss. It's because of these conditions that her disappearance is of high priority in Cochise County. NBC News 4 reports that the 44-year-old missing woman also has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old child, which also adds more urgency to an already high-tensity search.

Temperatures in the Chiricahua Mountains have been in the high 90s and low 100s for the past several days, making it very dangerous for anybody who is lost in the southern Arizona wilderness without proper clothing or any water.

At this point, it's hard to tell whether Janet Castrejon was abducted or if she's lost in the mountains, but her family believes that someone may have her. If you know anything about this woman's disappearance, or if you believe you may have sighted her, please do not hesitate to contact the Cochise County Sheriff at (520) 586-8150. Any information could prove useful in the urgent search for this missing woman.

[Photo: Family photo via Cochise County Sheriff]