Jennifer Garner Divorce: Plans To Split With Ben Affleck May Be Off, Reports Indicate

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be reconsidering their plans to divorce, new reports indicate.

For weeks, the embattled couple have faced rumors of a breakup, with multiple sources saying their marriage was unraveling and possibly nearing a point of no return. Those divorce rumors grew even more this weekend when moving vans were seen at the California home the couple shared.

But the trucks may actually be a good sign for the couple. Sources close to the couple said that Jennifer Garner was not moving out, but instead they were just getting some renovations done on the home. If true, that would indicate that the couple is focused on their future rather than planning to divorce.

As ET reported, it appears the couple is working to reconcile their relationship.

“The house renovation comes on the heels of sources telling ET that the couple ‘are fine’ and are planning on spending the summer focusing on family. They were also spotted together last month grabbing lunch in Brentwood, Calif., right in the heat of the divorce rumors.

Ben and Jen will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary next week on June 29.

Despite all the breakup chatter around them, these two aren’t going anywhere imminently.”

There are other signs of hope for the marriage. Jennifer Garner was also spotted on Father’s Day, and the actress was still wearing her wedding ring.

The renovation reports come as a very good sign for the couple that once appeared to be done for. Just a few weeks ago, multiple sources said they were planning to divorce, and hadn’t even been together in weeks. Affleck was spotted in Las Vegas gambling alone while Garner was in Manhattan, and the couple also spent Mother’s Day and Jen’s birthday apart.

Sources said they were spending more and more time apart and starting to live separate lives.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” a source told Us Weekly. “The marriage is in trouble.”

It now appears that they are coming out of that trouble. Ben and Jennifer have been seen together more frequently lately, including a trip to a farmer’s market. There are also reports that they have gone into marriage therapy in order to salvage the relationship.

There could be a lot at stake. The couple has three children together — 9-year-old Violet, 6-year-old Seraphina, and 3-year-old Samuel.

But despite the widespread rumors of their divorce, neither Jennifer Garner nor Ben Affleck ever spoke publicly about trouble in their marriage.

[Image via Jason Merritt / Getty Images]