WWE Rumors: WWE Very Interested In Three Top Ring Of Honor Stars, Including New World Champion

Lately, it has been said that WWE is really looking to build up the roster of NXT as they will have three traveling brands in 2016. Samoa Joe was a huge signing, but he’s only the first of many more to come. Rumors are swirling that WWE has a lot of interest in three of Ring of Honor‘s top stars, and that includes their brand new World Champion.

According to WrestleZone, WWE’s top target from Ring of Honor is that of their brand new World Champion — Jay Lethal. He just won the title two nights ago from Jay Briscoe at Best In The World, but that doesn’t mean he will be around too long.

Let’s not forget that he still has the ROH TV Title in his possession as well.

It seems as if his contract with Ring of Honor is actually very close to expiring, and there is no new deal in place or even really being discussed. That is kind of odd considering he is one of their biggest stars right now and could easily be one in NXT too.

At Best In The World, Lethal had tears in his eyes when he won the ROH World Title, and the fans gave him a huge ovation. If he really wanted to, Lethal could play his cards right, let his contract expire, and possibly get a big deal from WWE.

One of the other big names that WWE is rumored to have interest in is Moose. It was just recently that Moose announced he had signed a new deal with Ring of Honor and actually turned down offers from both WWE and Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.

An idea that had been thrown around is for Moose to have been on the new season of Tough Enough as a supposed “ringer,” but WWE wouldn’t guarantee him a deal unless he won. With that being said, Moose wasn’t happy with the “what if” factor of things.

“I’ve had tryouts with them [WWE] actually more than the one but I’ve had tryouts with them and it was just one of those things where I just felt comfortable with where I was at. I’m not saying that WWE is not somewhere I wouldn’t want to work at some point in my career because it is. Every wrestler in the world would tell you that. That the WWE is somewhere they would want to work at, at some point in their career. But I felt comfortable staying where I was currently at. I’m not saying there they even offered anything, I’m just saying that it’s just one of those things where I looked at what I had in front of me and where I wanted to go I felt that right now that staying with Ring of Honor was the best choice for me. Like I said, not that WWE ever offered me anything because they didn’t. With what I had in front of me and the choices and the options available to me, staying in Ring of Honor was the best possible choice.”

It looks as if a career in WWE isn’t out of the question for Moose, but right now isn’t the best thing for him.

A third name that WWE is looking at is Adam Cole, who is a huge talent and would likely fit in well with the company. Cole recently said that WWE isn’t as much of a priority as it used to be, but staying with Ring of Honor is his focus. Like Moose though, if the opportunity came about, then he may jump at the chance to join WWE.

WWE has said nothing on the possible interest in Ring of Honor talents Jay Lethal, Adam Cole, and Moose. Chances are, they won’t say anything either as they are just rumors and the company doesn’t say a whole lot until things are in place and confirmed.

[Images via Ring of Honor]