WWE News: Samoa Joe’s Start Date With WWE Appears To Now Be Set

Many have been waiting to see if the split between Impact Wrestling and Samoa Joe would end up leading to his landing in WWE. Upon his appearing back in Ring of Honor at their 13th Anniversary show, some thought that it wouldn’t be anytime soon that they would see him in a WWE ring — but it appears they were wrong.

Samoa Joe did show up back in Ring of Honor, but it appears as if that is going to be for a very limited amount of time.

According to WrestleZone, Samoa Joe is expected to sign a contract with WWE very soon. Triple H has been said to be extremely high on him. Even though Joe doesn’t fit into the ideal wrestler mold for Vince McMahon, Triple H has obviously been able to sell his father-in-law on him.

For now, Joe is going to be wrestling at the ROH event that takes place in Redwood, California, over the weekend of WrestleMania 31. The event will take place on March 27, 2015, and it’s going to be Supercard Of Honor IX.

Ring of Honor did officially announce the main event between Samoa Joe and Jay Briscoe on Monday, and it looks like it’s going to be a great card. The question from that point on is wondering how long he will be around after that event.

It was during the most recent Ring of Honor TV taping that Samoa Joe officially challenged Jay Briscoe for the World Title.

Ring of Honor has an event in San Antonio, Texas, on April 4, and Samoa Joe is not being advertised for it. He also isn’t being advertised for the event in Minnesota after that either, and it leads to a lot of speculation.

If Joe has no more dates with Ring of Honor after March 27, then some believe he could go straight to WWE and even get involved in WrestleMania 31 on that Sunday.

That could be rather interesting, but WWE never really uses that big of an event to debut a new name to the company. That would be saved for the Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania, but he may not show up there either.

If Samoa Joe has any indie dates already in place, he will likely honor those first before appearing for WWE. Nevertheless, it seems like sometime in April or May, Samoa Joe will head to WWE — or could he start in NXT first?

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