The Man Who Looks Like A Boy: This 26-Year-Old May Hold The Key To Immortality

With his high pitched voice and chubby cheeks, you wouldn’t guess that Shin Hyomyung was a day older than 12. But you’d be wrong. He may look like he belongs in middle school, but this South Korean man is actually in his twenties.

Shin’s ID card, which he naturally has to produce often, says he was born in 1989, which makes him 26-years-old.

Hyomyung Shin

According to Korea Boo, Hyomyung suffers from a rare condition called Highlander Syndrome, which causes his body to age very slowly. So slow, in fact, that Shin has not even gone through puberty as yet.

This syndrome, which is not one that is recognized by the medical world, does not seem to affect his well-being, as doctors state that aside from his stunted growth, he is in good health.

In an interview with a local TV, Shin is filmed in his bedroom getting ready to hit the town. Here, he talks about wanting to find a beautiful girlfriend – one, perhaps, with a likeness of Scarlett Johansson, who idly rests on a poster on his wall.

The TV show also gifted Hyomyung with a makeover, but at the end of it he still basically looked prepubescent.

Hyomyung Shin

Still, that doesn’t stop him from later downing shots and busting a few dance moves in a club. There was even one woman who just could not resist pinching his chubby cheeks.

In his childhood photos, Hyomyung appear to have normally up to his his teen years, where it seems his growth slowed to an almost standstill.

[Image via KoreaBoo/Mirror]