Is Elizabeth Hurley ‘Hard’ To Date? Shane Warne Opens Up About ‘The Royals’ Star

Was Elizabeth Hurley hard to date? Shane Warne has opened up about the end of his engagement to Hurley, who is currently filming Season 2 of The Royals. Warne was engaged to the actress for three years before the pair decided to call off the engagement. It was not for a lack of love either, according to the cricket player.

He was honest about the end of the relationship, and scheduling for the couple played a huge factor. When the pair first started dating, Elizabeth Hurley was not working much. Her schedule was lighter. They were able to spend more time together. However, Hurley’s career picked back up, and she started spending a lot of time in the United States to film her various projects.

Warne was completely honest about the problems their busy lives caused them once her career picked back up.

“It wasn’t just scheduling. When we first met, she was basically not doing anything. She was a farmer. And I had retired from international cricket. But then Elizabeth went back to work, shooting movies and TV series. I was playing cricket and poker. She was going to America, doing her breast cancer awareness stuff for Estee Lauder. I had my poker, I had cricket commentary. I had children in Australia, so just putting all that into the mix. The number of whiteboards we had about travelling.”

Warne did not say anything negative about Hurley in his interview. She was not hard to date, but he admitted that it is relationships that are difficult, according to Web Pro News.

“[It was] nothing specific. Nothing she did wrong, or I did wrong. It just didn’t pan out. Relationships are hard. Really hard. They shouldn’t be, but they are. Tough. Always an interesting dinner conversation: ‘are two people meant to be together for the rest of their lives?'”

Is Warne dating anyone now? The Australian is single now, but he has been on a few dates after meeting women on the Tinder app. He revealed that the women he has met via the app have thought he was an impersonator, but he realizes he might not find a lasting love via the app. He joined for the “fun factor.” He revealed more about his decision to join the app in an interview, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Midnight or one o’clock in the morning, me and a lot of my mates are sitting around the bar after a long day playing, and everyone was talking about these different apps, Grindr, Tinder. I said, no. But we got on the App Store, joined up.”

Warne is not looking for a new love now, but if it happens, he is open to it. He admits that it can “quite lonely” at times.

Warne is not the only former flame of Hurley’s to have nice things about her. According to the Irish Mirror, Hugh Grant was asked about his 13-year-long relationship with Hurley during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen asked Grant about his relationship with the actress, and he gushed openly about her.

“You see the funny thing is, it did. She’s still my best friend. The sex bit probably fizzled out but she’s my absolute best friend. The number one person I call in a crisis, so it didn’t fizzle.”

Elizabeth Hurley is still one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, and she has found a second wind when it comes to her career. She is starring in The Royals. Production started earlier this month, and the actress is very candid and open when it comes to the series. She shares about her time on set on social media.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, Hurley spoke about Season 2 of the series, and she shared her excitement about it by saying, “The storylines for season 2 of The Royals are mind blowing. So excited to be back on set.”

Hurley celebrated something else earlier this month as well. The British actress celebrated her 50th birthday. She did not have a flashy birthday party, but she enjoyed time with her friends at her home before heading out to the derby, according to Hello Magazine.

The actress also shared her outlook on life at age 50.

“I chose not to have a big party but several big lunches and dinners so I really get to see everyone I adore. I love my life, I love change and I love new experiences. Saying yes is so liberating; it’s my favorite word.”

Hurley is busy with filming right now, but she did take an eight-year break from her acting career. She did that because of her son, 13-year-old Damien. She took that eight-year-long break at the start of his life, and it is not a decision she regrets. Contact Music shared her latest comments about her son.

“Without doubt my son is my north, my south, my east and my west. I stopped doing movies and TV for the first eight years of his life and I don’t regret it for a moment. Damien and I are very close. He’s almost my height now, which is slightly alarming. I am more like an Italian mother than an English one. I’m praying he’ll be a good teenager but I was a horror so we’ll have to see.”

It is clear that Elizabeth Hurley is a woman who the men in her life, past and present, will not easily forget. It is not she that is hard to date, but it is life that makes relationships difficult.

What do you think of Shane Warne comments about Elizabeth Hurley? Do you wish their relationship had worked out?

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