Escapees Spotted? David Sweat And Richard Matt Could Have Made It To Pennsylvania [Video]

Were two New York prison escapees spotted near Pennsylvania? An eyewitness reportedly informed police that 35-year-old David Sweat and 48-year-old Richard Matt had made it as far south as Friendship, New York. This discovery puts the escaped convicts within roughly twenty miles of Pennsylvania.

New York State Police spokesman William Duffy told reporters it was a “significant sighting.” If the lead turns out to be valid, that will place the escapees more than 300 miles away from the Clinton Correctional Facility. Sweat and Matt broke out of the New York prison nearly two weeks ago.

The witness who tipped off police is an unidentified woman who was driving near Friendship. She allegedly spotted two males emerging from the woods near the railroad tracks. One of the men was said to have reddish hair and closely resemble David Sweat. According to the New York Times, officials found the eyewitness’ claim to be “credible.”

As a precaution, police have asked residents in the surrounding area to remain indoors.

David Sweat and Richard Matt first escaped from prison on June 6. The convicted killers apparently used “dummies” to fool guards as they made their getaway. It’s believed that 51-year-old Joyce Mitchell facilitated the escape.

Mitchell worked as a tailor shop instructor at the Clinton Correctional Facility. At some point, she allegedly began to supply David and Richard with the tools they used to break out. It’s also thought she was to meet the escapees with a getaway car; instead, she reportedly sought treatment at a hospital due to a panic attack. Joyce now faces multiple charges and could find herself in jail for up to eight years.

As police search the location where the two men were reportedly spotted, their efforts have all but locked down the sleepy town of Friendship. Residents tell the press that it’s all but impossible to get in or out of Friendship. A man named Andrew Ely said that law enforcement has barred him from returning to his property on Maple Grove Road.

The large spread of land is feared to offer up ideal hiding spots for the dangerous convicts; police want to be sure the location is safe before allowing Ely back on his property. The man has no idea when he can return home.

“I can’t even get into my own house because apparently this is all taking place in my backyard. They won’t let me get anywhere near my house.”

Despite the inconvenience, Andrew is confident the escapees will be caught. He just hopes it’s sooner rather than later.

[Image Credit: New York State Police via Getty Images]

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