Katie Hopkins’ Twitter Account Hacked — Hackers Claim To Have Katie’s Sex Tape Via Email

Katie Hopkins is quite the controversial TV personality, according to the Daily Mail. So much so that Hopkins reported that her three kids have even been bullied due to their mother’s acerbic opinion, which she often expresses on her controversial Twitter feed.

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— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 21, 2015

Well, on Sunday, Katie’s Twitter feed was hacked, and although plenty of the tweets the hackers posted to Hopkins’ Twitter feed are hardly PG enough to reprint, lots of Twitter lovers are loving the fact that Katie was hacked.

So much so that Hopkins’ name is currently a trending topic on Twitter.

Reply to this Tweet with “Phil Olbison is a God” if you’re thankful for Katie getting jacked

— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 21, 2015

At the moment, the verified Twitter feed belonging to Katie, @KTHopkins, contains a description that seemingly changes — either at the hacker’s whim or was odd to begin with prior to the hack.

Changed from Sun columnist. CBB 2015 Runner Up. Gained & lost 3.5 stones to prove fat people are lazy: . The only Apprentice to fire Lord Sugar

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— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 21, 2015

The 40-year-old Hopkins, who appeared on the U.K. version of The Apprentice in 2007, has lots of delighted Twitter followers tweeting their joy over her account hacking.

A look through some of Katie’s old tweets prior to the hacking gives a clue as to why Hopkins was reviled by some folks.

The Huffington Post reports the hacker’s claims of having Katie’s sex tape via her email — with promises to tweet the link. However, the publication states that the link tweeted was a fake link to an NSFW porn website.

Awell looks a like Katie Hopkins been sneak dissin too much

— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 21, 2015

As reported by the Inquisitr, Katie became better known to Americans when she went after Kelly Clarkson due to the latter’s struggles with her weight. On Father’s Day in America, the Twitter hackers also changed Katie’s profile photo on Twitter to an unflattering one.

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