Kim Kardashian For President? Russell Simmons Is On Board

Forget about Donald Trump, as far as Russell Simmons is concerned, it’s Kim Kardashian all the way. Sort of.

In a recent interview with HuffPost Live, rap mogul Russell Simmons was asked about Donald Trump’s recent entrance into the 2016 presidential race. Simmons didn’t shy away from expressing his opinion. According to Simmons, Trump may be a great businessman, but that doesn’t make him presidential material.

“He’s been a good friend for many, many years. I don’t like his politics at all. He makes a lot of news. He doesn’t have the influence as say Kim Kardashian, I mean she’d probably be a better president.”

As for exactly why Simmons doesn’t see Trump as qualified to occupy the oval office, he wasn’t shy about that either.

“His politics are divisive and hurtful….you don’t want big business guy to be in charge of our government, because he may support more of these horrendous policies.”

Of course, Simmons was almost certainly speaking in jest about a potential Kim Kardashian bid for the presidency. He clarified his statement on his Twitter account.


Whatever your personal feelings about Kim Kardashian, it’s difficult to deny that she is compassionate. At least, as far as it concerns her younger sister, Kylie Jenner. Hollywood Life reports that Kylie has come to rely on the sage advice Kim gives her. According to a source close to the family, lately Kim’s advice has revolved around cyberbullying.

“Kim has been really supportive of Kylie and has been more like a mom to her than a big sister. She knows how sensitive Kylie is and especially how tormented she gets after reading hurtful comments on the Internet. Kim’s advice is simple, ‘Don’t read the comments.’ This is something she knows from first-hand experience.”

But “first-hand experience” may seem like a gentle term for some of the firestorms of controversy Kim Kardashian has kicked up over the years. Most recently, controversy arose over Kardashian’s appearance on the NPR game show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, which features celebrity guests, a panel of comedians, and audience members answering questions about recent news topics. NPR ombudsman/public editor Elizabeth Jensen described Kim Kardashian as not a “great guest,” but “gracious” and far from offensive.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! host Peter Sagal responded to the barrage of criticism in a fashion typical of the show.

“Many of you wrote in after last week’s show to protest our guest Ms. Kardashian. You said a celebrity like her wasn’t up to our standards of intellectual rigor. And you’re right. We let you down. And I hope that if you listen to this week’s show we can once again regain your trust by doing the great work that we do. Coming up, we’ll be playing our usual games such as ‘lighting fart in the blank’, ‘celebrity pull my finger’, and of course the ‘listener limerick wet t-shirt contest’. So, if you’re up for some high-minded, intellectual hijinks, give us a call.”

[Photo by Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment]