Philadelphia Phillies Squirrel Attack: Even The Squirrels Have Turned On The Phillies

Ryan DeVault

Philadelphia Phillies baseball now involves dealing with squirrel attacks. Some fans might argue that even the squirrels are turning on the Phillies this season. On Friday night, June 19, things were bad enough as Phillies starting pitcher Phillippe Aumont issued seven walks to the St. Louis Cardinals, but things got really interesting when a squirrel paid the stadium a visit. As reported by NBC Sports, it sent many players scurrying around the dugout in fear.

As seen in the video below, a squirrel decided to pay Citizens Bank Ballpark a visit while the Philadelphia Phillies were hosting the St. Louis Cardinals. The animal walked along the netting behind home plate as though it were a tightrope and caught the eye of many fans in the stands. It would wind up falling onto the dugout, but that wasn't the end of the excitement. The squirrel then launched itself into the dugout, nearly landing on the backs of several Phillies players.

This was not an incident that the Phillies front office wanted to see take place, as it led to many easy jokes about the season that the team has had. Leading the way on social media were many comments about how these players haven't moved that fast in months (scurrying away from the squirrel). At least it gave the fans in attendance something to focus on other than the game, because the Cardinals ended up winning it 12-4 in another tough loss for the home team. The loss dropped the Phillies to just 23-46 on the season, which is the worst record in Major League Baseball.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, the Philadelphia Phillies are trying to trade away several players. That includes All-Star closer Jonathan Papelbon and ace starting pitcher Cole Hamels. The team just hasn't been performing lately, and the 2015 MLB season has the roster floundering even more than in previous seasons. With the first MLB trade deadline coming on July 31, many baseball analysts expect the Phillies to make a big move or two to start a real rebuilding of the franchise.

The 2015 MLB season has been a rough one for fans at Citizens Bank Ballpark, but at least this acrobatic squirrel was able to take people's minds of the game for a little while. It's about to be a rough transitional period for the Philadelphia Phillies, so any extra entertainment that the front office can give fans is a good thing. Even if it includes wild animals running loose on the field.

[Image Source: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images]