‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Passcodes And Special Events: June 2015 Guide — Part 2

Still going strong after reaching four million downloads at the end of May, Pokémon Shuffle has packed the month of June with special events and stages. Halfway through the month, some events ended and there are currently no active passcodes. However, some exciting new events and stages have appeared. To help players keep track of all the dailies and more, the Inquisitr is providing this supplement to the Pokémon Shuffle guide published earlier this month. Be sure to check it out, if you have not already done so, for a complete guide to everything Shuffle has to offer this June.

Pokemon Shuffle - Mega Blastoise Artwork - Image courtesy NintendoCompete For Blastoisinite

Until 5:00 UTC on June 22, players from across the globe can play the Mega Blastoise Competitive Stage. This is the second time the stage has made an appearance. This time around players have a limited number of moves instead of unlimited moves under a time limit, so plan accordingly. The top 30,000 players with the highest submitted scores earn a Blastoisinite stone that will give Blastoise the ability to Mega Evolve (Blastoise can be caught in Expert Stage 8). Players who already have Blastoisinite who score in the top 30,000 earn two jewels instead. Those scoring outside of the top 30,000 get a jewel just for competing, so even beginners should play the stage at least once.

Get Giratina

A new type of Pokémon Shuffle stage has arrived: Escalation Battles. Each time you complete an Escalation stage and win, the level for the stage goes up. As the level increases, it is easier to capture the Pokémon featured in the stage. Until 6:00 UTC on June 22, Giratina is available through a special Escalation Battle stage. Once captured, Giratina comes with a powerful “Power +4” skill that deals triple damage when four Giratina are matched up on the game board. Players can also unlock special rewards when they reach specific levels on the Escalation Battle stage. Earn 1,000 Coins at Level 5, one Disruption Delay at Level 10, one Mega Start at Level 30, and one Mega Speedup at Level 50.

The Legendary Dialga Appears

Until June 29 at 6:00 UTC, the Dialga Special Stage is available in Pokémon Shuffle for players to take on the time-bending steel-type Pokémon. Dialga is nothing to sneeze at, either. The match-up opens with several rows of obstructions that can be tough to break through. Consider bringing a Pokemon with a disruption-breaking skill like Klefki or Mega Ampharos along to keep the board clear of blocks. Fire, Fighting, and Ground-types are super effective against Dialga, so consider attacking with Pokémon like Charmeleon, Combuskin, Vulpix, Lucario, or Phanpy. The official Pokémon Shuffle website recommends using Mega Ampharos to tackle the disruptions and an all-fire team headlined by Combuskin.

“Use Mega Ampharos to fight back against the obstructions that Dialga creates. With Mega Ampharos’s Mega Effect, Pokémon and obstructions in the puzzle area are randomly erased in a zigzagging wave of destruction. It might be just what you need to defeat Dialga! You can obtain Ampharos in stage 130, and the Ampharosite in stage 105.

“Combusken is a good choice to take advantage of Dialga’s weakness to Fire-type Pokémon. Combusken’s Pyre Skill increases the damage done by Fire-type Pokémon even more when they are erased in a combo. Bring it along with other Fire-type Pokémon like Ninetales! Combusken can be obtained in Stage 66.”

After breaking through Dialga’s many disruptions, catching it will help you break through tough levels in the future using its “Block Smash+” skill, which helps remove three indestructible obstructions when activated. Pokémon Shuffle ends the month on a challenging note with the Dialga event. Don’t forget the Victini and Meowth stages on Saturdays and Sundays all month long, as well. Good luck catching ’em all. See you in July!

[Images courtesy Nintendo]