Duggar Baby Update: Jessa Seewald Shares Some Baby News

Despite not knowing the fate of their popular reality television series, 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars have a lot to celebrate in the coming months. The Duggar family is expecting two new bundles of joy as Anna Duggar and Jessa Seewald are both pregnant. Jessa Duggar Seewald recently shared an update on her pregnancy, noting that the couple feels “grateful and blessed” by the support they have received in the recent weeks from fans. Jessa says she is finally feeling some tiny kicks.

On the Seewald’s official blog, the couple says that they are grateful for all of the people who have been “lifting us up in prayer.” Jessa Seewald made waves when she outed herself as one of her older brother’s molestation victims, but she said that she has forgiven him and went on to defend her brother in an interview with Megyn Kelly. However, the couple says that despite the family’s personal problems, they are still “going to continue seeking to lovingly point people to Christ and encourage those who are down.”

In addition to thanking fans for their prayers, the Seewalds also shared an update on Jessa’s pregnancy. The pair note that they had an ultrasound but aren’t ready to share the gender of the new Duggar grandbaby just yet. However, Jessa did share that she is starting to feel some kicks and that the baby is growing steadily.

“Baby Seewald is growing steadily and Mommy has been feeling some little, yet strong, kicks! We recently had an ultrasound, but aren’t revealing our firstborn’s gender yet. Can’t wait to welcome this blessing from God into the world!”

Jessa has also shared a new baby bump photo in honor of meeting the half-way mark in her pregnancy.

Jessa Duggar Seewald Shares Baby Bump Photo
Jessa Seewald shares a baby bump photo on Instagram in honor of her 20 week mark.

The Seewalds and Dillards aren’t letting the Josh Duggar molestation scandal keep them down. The pair also posted photos as they traveled together to the ALIVE Christian music festival, Israel Dillard in tow.

Jessa and Jill Duggar
Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard head to the ALIVE Christian music festival together in the wake of the Duggar family molestation scandal.

Do you think Jessa and Ben will have a boy or a girl? Would you like to see a new Duggar grandson or granddaughter? How do you think the pair are handling the Duggar family’s troubles with the media?

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