One Failed Pushup Leads To FBI Lawsuit, Demand For Special Agent Position

Jay Bauer wanted nothing more than to quit his assistant professor position and join the ranks of the FBI’s special agent program and that’s exactly what he did. In fact everything seemed to be going great for Bauer, he passed a fitness test and joined the FBI’s new-agent training program.

During his testing Bauer scored near the top of his class in every area of academic achievement and was selected as the class leader, then Bauer hit a physical snag.

It turns out the would-be field agent couldn’t complete his final pushup needed to be certified as a field representative for the FBI, a single pushup that kept him from becoming a special agent.

While Bauer eventually became an FBI analyst he soon realized that women have less stringent requirements and therefore he has filed a gender-discrimination lawsuit against the bureau.

According to Bauer he finished the rest of the examine with no issues, completing 38 situps in one minute, 300-meter spring in 52.4 seconds and he ran 1.5 miles in 12 minutes and 24 seconds. However when faced with 30 untimed pushups he managed his way to 29 and then gave up.


Jay Bauer’s attorney now claims that a female trainee was allowed to try the test for a second time while Jay Bauer was denied that same request. Jay’s legal team also claims that the FBIs requirement for women which allows for 14 untimed pushups is equivalent to just 27-29 pushups for men.

In his lawsuit Bauer asks for a special agent position and back pay for what would have been a higher paying job.

I personally couldn’t show my face at work if other agents knew I sued myself into a position they worked harder at to achieve.