Omarion Interview: Admits That He Has ‘Eaten Groceries’ Like He’s ‘Post To Be’

Omarion Interview - Admits That He Has 'Eaten Groceries' Like He's 'Post To Be' IV

Omarion interviewed with Hot 97, and an interesting topic surfaceed. He’s asked if he’s ever held true to the lyrics of his new song, “Post To Be.” Who wants to tell his or her listening audience that lyrics aren’t true? Not Omarion.

There were several concerts and performances at Summer Jam 2015. But along with those, there were also tons of interviews. Omari Grandberry was definitely on-scene exchanging candid words with worldwide spectators.

Concerning the topic, if you haven’t heard Omarion’s “Post To Be,” the song essentially talks of taking someone’s companion. In the hook, the lyrics state, “If your chick comes close to me, she ain’t going home where she’s ‘post to be’.”

As a feature, Omarion is joined by Jhene Aiko. The songtress adds the following.

“If your dude comes close to me, he ain’t going home where he ‘post to be’. (I make’m do it) I might let your boy chauffeur me, but he gotta eat the b**ty like groceries.”

Well, during the interview with Hot 97, he was asked about his experiences “eating groceries.” The host asks him to be real with her, after he denied it once. Then, Omarion opens up as follows.

“Well, yeah. Sometimes. You know, I’m ‘freaky deaky’, you feel me? You can’t let another fellow out-nasty you. Okay? I got that from Tank. Tank told me that, and I said, ‘You know what? That is a fact. And that is true’.”

So, Omarion songs seem to hold truth. He even goes on to mention that his music has impacted his bedroom lifestyle recently. For instance, Omari quotes that his album was on when he and his companion were trying for a child.

“I’mma be honest with you. This album was the only time I had experienced that. I experienced that because I wanted to see how it made me feel. Henceforth, why I created a child with my beautiful lady. Yeah, Sex Playlist was playing while Megaa was being made.”

If you don’t know, Megaa is Omarion’s son, who is less than a year old. VH1 states that Megaa’s the cutest kid on earth. Do you agree?

Omarion Interview - Admits That He Has 'Eaten Groceries' Like He's 'Post To Be'

Also, for reference, the “beautiful lady” — Omarion’s girlfriend — is Apryl Jones, Megaa’s mother.

Omarion Interview - Admits That He Has 'Eaten Groceries' Like He's 'Post To Be' II

During Omarion’s interview, he expresses his love and care for his family. Significantly, Grandberry’s family is one of his treasures. And right now, he just enjoys being a dad “like he’s ‘post to be’.”

Omarion Interview - Admits That He Has 'Eaten Groceries' Like He's 'Post To Be' III

What are your thoughts about Omarion’s song? What’s your stance on the topic of “Post To Be”? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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