Chris Pratt Pranked: Jurassic World Star Pranked Using Fake Dinosaurs [Video]

A prank video featuring Jurassic World star Chris Pratt being pranked using fake dinosaurs is fast becoming an internet sensation. The clip, which was uploaded yesterday to YouTube, is the handiwork of serial YouTube prankster SA Wardega, who is famous for his spider dog prank that also went viral last year.

In the prank, Chris Pratt is seen arriving in a building. He walks through a corridor at the end of which two giant dinosaur replicas lunge at him — scaring the life out of him.

It is hilarious to see the Jurassic World star, who might have been presumably used to seeing fake dinosaur models all around him, still be scared of the dinosaur replicas. That said, it is quite plausible that most of the scenes Pratt acted in could have been taken with a green screen in the background with the dinosaurs added later. Nevertheless, it is always fun to see a Jurassic World actor being scared of dinosaurs in real life.

The fake dinosaurs seen in the prank video seem to be a small Tyrannosaurus Rex, who is assisted by his Velociraptor buddy.

At the end of the video, Chris Pratt is seen talking and laughing with the makers of the video. He seems particularly impressed with the dinosaur models that were used to scare him

“They look great! You scared me! You did a good job, you guys.”

At the end of the video, Chris is even seen hugging one of the dinosaur models.

The video, as expected, turned out to be huge hit. At the time of writing, it already had over 2.2 million views. This is not the first dinosaur prank by SA Wardega. Just before the release of Jurassic World (which, by the way, is breaking almost all box office records), they had shot another prank video involving fake dinosaurs.

All said, this is definitely not the first time such fake dinosaurs have been used to prank unsuspecting victims. Such videos have been seen on YouTube earlier, too. However, Chris Pratt being involved with this one makes it a bit more special.

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[Image via YouTube Screenshot]