Amber Rose’s ‘Bad B****’ Book Outlines Her Life-Mistakes So Other Women Don’t Have To Make Them

Amber Rose’s book, regardless of its sexual cover picture, opts for decent modeling via avoiding many of her life’s mistakes. She said that her concern is that women want to be “bad b****es” but need guidance on the steps.

There’s a method Tony Robbins coins as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Within that programming design, it includes a method called modeling. Essentially, this is what Amber Rose’s book serves for women — a modeling outline for future “bad b*****s.”

While that derogative term generally leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouths, it’s not the case in her sense. Rose interviews with Big Boy TV and mentions that she wanted to use that term to illustrate the way it’s being used in today’s time. Amber quotes as follows.

“Well, I decided to do that title because a lot of men, when they see a woman that’s beautiful and has everything together, they call her a ‘bad b****’…

…So, I decided to take that. And you know, a lot of women’ll be like, ‘That’s negative! Why won’t you call it How to Be a Queen?’ It’s just not realistic nowadays. People don’t refer to women as that. Women don’t refer to themselves as that either.

You know, nowadays, they’re like, ‘D***, I’m a bad b****’. So, I just decided to take it and make it a positive thing and talk about how to be a well-rounded woman.”

While Amber Rose’s advice and methods are in good intention, she may still encounter those who feel contrary, regardless of her potential meaning. However, to that, she offers a nonchalant demeanor about their woes.

During the same interview, she states that there’s a point when she just has to stop caring what others who are against her think. Rose figures that, no matter her intent, there will be those who rise against her, period.

Nevertheless, along with her fame and notoriety, Amber Rose’s life story is full of ups and down — trials and errors she had to conquer and learn on her own. And in her new book, she wants to give women a model from which they can pattern their lives, without the turmoil she went through.

As the interview continues, Rose quotes as follows.

“[But] the thing of it is I wasn’t always a ‘bad b****’. I didn’t always have it all together. I made a lot of mistakes. And the book is all the mistakes that I’ve made, so that other girls that read don’t have to [make the same mistakes].

Relationship mistakes, financial… You know, I made a million dollars in 2011, and I spent it!”

When asked what she bought with it, Amber responded that she didn’t know. From her words, these are the types of mistakes she’s trying to help other women avoid. Rose added the following.

“I mean, like, it was just gone. And I had nothing to show for it. Like, ‘Oh my god. I have shoes and clothes, I guess. But like…that’s it.”

Yet, today, she shows that she’s learned from many of her past failings and life-lessons. This book seems to be, in part, her life-story.

All in all, Amber Rose’s book, How to Be a Bad B****, expresses great intentions. But how do you feel about it? Has your opinion of the title changed or remained the same? Are you supportive of it or against it and why?

Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns in the comments, below.

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