‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ E3 Trailer Takes To Hoth With AT-ATs, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, And More

Star Wars: Battlefront made its highly anticipated Hoth gameplay debut at E3 during the Electronic Arts press conference on Monday. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC shooter is coming this November, and this new trailer recreates the Battle of Hoth complete with AT-AT Walkers, X-Wings versus Tie Fighters, and Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker.

The Star Wars: Battlefront trailer is five minutes of scripted gameplay from the perspective of both the Rebels and the Empire. The footage is described as “pre-alpha” was captured on the PlayStation 4. The “Walker Assault” game mode is the same as in the first trailer from the Star Wars Celebration. The difference this time is that you get a better understanding of the actual gameplay, including how it looks in third-person and first-person, how aim down sights looks, and confirms that you actually have some control over the AT-AT Walkers.

Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

On the Rebel side, players need to activate uplinks to help defend the base while Empire players attempt to shut them down. Activating Uplink Stations littered around the map calls in Y-Wing Bombers that weaken the AT-ATs enough for them to be taken down. Rebels can go with the Tow Cable Takedown using Snowspeeders or just use blaster fire to finish it off.

Power-ups are available as well. Rebels can pick up rocket launchers capable of bringing down the AT-STs in a single shot. Meanwhile, Empire players can use a power-up to take control of an AT-AT’s cannons. No, you can’t drive the AT-AT, but you will be able to extend the time you control the guns depending on your ability to string together kills.

Aerial combat was also demonstrated as X-Wings and Tie Fighters mixed it up in the skies over Hoth. Showing the ability to switch between a third-person view and in-cockpit view was a plus.

Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The Star Wars: Battlefront trailer ended with the emergence of Darth Vader on the battlefield, similar to the end of the first trailer. However, the Rebels earned their own hero as Luke Skywalker makes an appearance for a showdown with his father. As previously covered, these hero characters are earned based on performance in a multiplayer match and can turn the tide of battle for skilled players.

Even though the number of players maxes out at a total of 40, the gameplay gives the sense of a larger scale possibly through AI combatants. The third-person camera while on foot was a little strange because the character was not centered on screen. The first-person view was excellent, however, with a clear view when aiming down weapon sights.

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