Billionaire Richard Branson Writes A Heart-Warming Letter To Dyslexic Girl

Richard Branson Writes Letter To Honor Smith

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson recently wrote a heart-warming letter to a young girl challenged with dyslexia. The self-made billionaire received a short note from 9-year-old Honor Smith thanking him for making videos about dyslexia.

In turn, Branson replied to Honor with a handwritten letter encouraging her to embrace being dyslexic. Richard Branson happens to be dyslexic like many other famous and successful people in world history.

Honor Smith started the exchange by writing to Sir Branson briefly explaining how she imagined her life was ruined when she was told she had dyslexia. However, after watching inspiring and motivating videos on dyslexia shared by the 64-year-old entrepreneur, Honor wrote him a thank you note and added she became more confident in school.

Sir Branson’s response to Honor’s letter included him saying being dyslexic has actually been a big advantage for him.

On June 12, Sir Richard Branson posted a message on his Twitter account offering some advice about dyslexia, pointing out that rather than viewing the learning disability in a negative way, the challenge should be looked at in a positive way.

Honor Smith's Letter
Sir Branson Responds To Honor Smith's Thank You Note

Sir Richard Branson, an English investor and businessperson is best known for his company, Virgin Group. Virgin Group is comprised of more than 400 companies.

Richard wrote on the Virgin blog, “If you do have dyslexia, remember that the likes of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Ted Turner, and even Albert Einstein did too. You are in good company!”

In fact, many talented, famous, and historic people share the gift of dyslexia with Sir Richard Branson and Honor Smith.

Actors, actresses, television and movie icons, like Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Jay Leno, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, and Steven Spielberg, have the reading disorder.

Famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Ansel Adams also had dyslexia.

Writers Agatha Christie, Hans Christian Anderson, and F. Scott Fitzgerald were dyslexic, as well. In addition, successful business leaders, like Bill Gates, Charles Schwab, and F.W. Woolworth were diagnosed with dyslexia.

Other historic figures suffering with the learning disorder include George Washington, George Patton, Alexander Graham Bell, and Sir Isaac Newton, to name a few.

Sir Branson offered the following advice to people suffering with dyslexia.

“Don’t let it hold you back–use it in your favour. It can help you to focus on the things you do excel at, keep messaging clear and simple, and also fine-tune your delegation skills.”

Richard Branson ended his letter with further encouragement for young Honor Smith.

“Your life definitely isn’t ruined. I look forward to hearing what great things you’ve achieved in life.”

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