U.S. Army Birthday: Army Celebrates 240th Year As A Military Branch

Earlier this week, the U.S. Army Birthday celebration began with a wide variety of events across the country. This marks the 240th year for the U.S. Army. The official date of the commissioning of the U.S. Army was June 14, 1775, when the Continental Congress passed an official act making the U.S. Army the first official branch of the United States military.

The most notable celebration for the Army occurred this year at the nation’s capital. A three-layer birthday cake was baked that included the inscription “United States Army Happy 240 Birthday.” It included unit patches for many of the current units serving in the Army.

The event occurred on June 10, several days before the official birthday of the Army and was attended by many of the senior U.S. Army leadership. Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno kicked off the celebration and had this to say on Army.mil.

“I believe the Army is the one service that truly represents the diversity and strength of our nation,” he said. “Our regular Soldiers, our citizen-Soldiers, our dedicated Army civilians … represent what is best about our country … our diversity and our ability to understand why our nation is different from any other nation in the world because of the freedoms and liberties we fight for.”

Several congressman were in attendance, as was the Secretary of the Army, John McHugh. McHugh praised the Army’s soldiers and asked Congress for continued support during the U.S. Army birthday celebration.

“… Doing as they’ve always done, protecting us, defending freedom and ensuring our way of life … and that’s why we’re here … that’s not a surprise … we’re gathered to celebrate that history and that tradition and remember how unbreakable that long line has been.”

Twitter was abuzz with news of the U.S. Army Birthday with everything from a quiz testing Army knowledge to Secretary McHugh’s wreath laying ceremony.

Earlier in the month both General Odierno and Sergeant Major Daniel A. Daily, Sergeant Major of the Army, hosted a town hall for soldiers and also spoke on the U.S. Army birthday, per the Orange County Breeze. Vice Chief of Staff General Daniel B. Allyn also posted a tribute to the U.S. Army birthday and spoke of those who gave their lives. General Allyn is the 35th vice chief of staff of the Army.

[Photo Credit USArmy.mil]