Kathie Lee Gifford’s Daughter Makes Horror Film Debut With Very Vocal Support

Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter, Cassidy, is starring in a horror film, The Gallows, and she is receiving some very public support from Kris Jenner on Instagram. According to Daily Mail, the reality star posted the trailer from the horror flick on her Instagram on Thursday, and she said tagged the photo with “#proudmama.”

Kris Jenner is not the mother of Cassidy Gifford, but she shares a close bond with Kathie Lee Gifford. Kathie Lee is the godmother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and she has been quite outspoken in recent weeks about Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn and her friendship with Kris Jenner. Kathie Lee and Kris have known each other for years, and she knew Bruce Jenner long before she met Kris Jenner.

The two families have remained close over the years. In the past, the Gifford family and the Jenner family have shared vacations together. This makes Kris’ public support of Cassidy’s film debut not too surprising. She captioned her post on Instagram by saying, “Hey beauties!!! Follow my niece @cassidygiff she is amazing and her new movie comes out July 10th!!!! Annndddd you’re welcome!!!!! #family #love #beautiful #proudmama xoxoxoxoxo.”

Jenner shared a clip from the film’s trailer, which features Cassidy. The Gallows was shot in the same manner that The Blair Witch Project was shot in 1999, and the film comes from Blumhouse, who masterminded both the Paranormal Activity franchise and the Insidious franchise. It does appear that this film will be the production company’s next big hit. Reviews were included in the new trailer, and they were overwhelmingly positive.

The Gallows will follow a group of teens that return to their school to put on a performance of a school play. A performance of that same play ended in tragedy 20 years ago, and they want to pay tribute to that incident. Their intentions might have been good here, but the result will not be what they expected. During the night, they will learn that someone died during the production, and they have woken up one angry spirit with their actions. That angry spirit will take its revenge against the teens one by one.

Cassidy is shown in the film’s first trailer. In a scene with red lighting, she is seen crying before the spirit drags her off. The trailer was released in April, and the film is set for release on July 10. After the trailer was released, Kathie Lee went to her own Twitter to show her daughter support.

Kris Jenner may have shown Cassidy and her own daughters her support on Twitter and Instagram in recent days, but she has not shown Caitlyn Jenner the same courtesy since the release of her Vanity Fair cover on June 1. Kris did post showing Bruce her support back in April when he spoke with Diane Sawyer about his life and his decision to become a woman. However, she has stayed silent since then.

Kathie Lee Gifford has spoken out in support of Kris Jenner on the Today show, according to People Magazine. After Bruce Jenner sat down with Sawyer, Kathie Lee shared her thoughts on how Kris was handling the news.

“The other [wives], both fine women, had a long time to get used to this. This was new to Kris. She’s trying to get her act together. She’s trying to be a good friend to him. Trying to still be a good parent. And it’s complicated in ways that we cannot even comprehend.”

Gifford has been supportive of Caitlyn Jenner’s debut, and she spoke with it on the Today show, according to Us Magazine.

“There is a sense of ‘Bye, Bruce.’ He was an iconic figure and he represented who goes on a Wheaties box. I loved Bruce and I still love Bruce, and I’m going to learn to love Caitlyn. I’ve spoken to her but I’ve not been in the same room with her. So when I was talking to her on the phone right before the Diane Sawyer thing, it still sounded like my friend Bruce when we were talking about the transitioning. I’m glad that he — she — is being treated as lovingly in the public with this, because it does take a lot of courage to do what she’s doing.”

The media has not been kind to Kris Jenner in recent months, and it has to do with Caitlyn Jenner and the relationship she had with Bruce Jenner. According to the Washington Post, Kris Jenner does plan to speak out publicly about the state of her life in a tell-all interview.

“Kris is beyond upset. The way everyone is jumping on that, ‘I was mistreated’ quote really rankles her. Kris feels she was the one who was hugely mistreated because Bruce wasn’t honest with her about how she felt. She can’t believe she’s the bad guy in this. She is planning her own sit-down interview, probably with her good friend Kathie Lee Gifford.”

The source went on to add even more about the tense situation, but the comments should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. According to a recent Inquisitr report, Caitlyn Jenner has spoken out publicly about the relationship with Kris Jenner, and it has been in a positive light.

“At the moment, Kris and Caitlyn can’t agree on anything. Caitlyn hiring her own PR was a major slap in the face to Kris. She’s feeling hurt by Kim because Kim is so onboard helping Caitlyn. Kim was even there for the whole Vanity Fair shoot and approved the team doing the new look.”

Kris is definitely not entirely silent these days, but she is still silent on something major that is happening in her family. What do you think of her showing support for Cassidy Gifford?

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]