Survey Shows That Apple Watch Is Not The Big Hit It Was Meant To Be

The Apple Watch was highly anticipated in the months prior to it’s release, but that excitement died down the week it finally made it’s way to the wrists of Apple consumers. Recently, User Testing conducted a survey involving 52 Apple Watch users and concluded that most Apple Watch users just aren’t happy with the gadget. According to Forbes, this is due to slow, boring apps which don’t make the Apple Watch a true match to other smart watches on the market. Slow apps, however, only seem to be apart of the problem causing the Apple Watch hype to die down.

A few big names have bashed the Apple Watch after buying it and using it themselves. There are reportedly, a lot of issues with the gadget that are somewhat annoying. In late May, Chris Walters of PolicyGenius parted with his Apple watch, but not before making a statement about why.

“‘Do not put something that measures time onto a device that forces the user to wait. Do not create a device that turns itself off repeatedly while the user is trying to use it.'” In my world, these two rules would be common sense even to a baby. But at Apple thinking is different, and therefore the Apple Watch is a beautifully made object that is fundamentally opposed to my design principles. And that’s why, after two weeks of wearing an Apple Watch Sport model, I’m returning it.”

Walters was not the only person impressed with the Apple Watch design, but underwhelmed by everything else. Recently, Mark Sullivan on VentureBeat had a similar frustration with his new Apple Watch purchase.

“For me the Watch already had a few strikes against it before I even put it on. I generally don’t like to wear things around my wrist. I also had reservations about adding yet another piece of tech to my life with the potential to distract me even more… In the end, I decided that the Apple Watch doesn’t quite earn its place on my wrist. While I appreciate the elegant design of both the hardware and the software, I really don’t miss the Watch when I’m not wearing it.”

The final blow to the Apple Watch credibility was the when New York Times fashion writer, Vanessa Friedman admitted to giving up on her Apple Watch as well.

“I am breaking up with my Apple Watch. The relationship was, despite all expectations, not what I needed. All the focus on San Francisco and Apple’s next big innovation this week made me realize it was not playing my tune.Still, I will never regret the weeks we spent together. They taught me some valuable truths about myself. Like, for example, that I do not want to be defined by a talking point on my wrist.”

Many other issues with the Apple Watch have surfaced, like the problems for users with tattoos and that lack of security. Despite the claims that the Apple Watch is not all it’s cracked up to be, Apple has reportedly had an escalation in Apple Watch sales.

[Image via TechRadar]