Stray Kitten Rescued: NYPD Officer Rescues Kitten, Finds A New Home For It

John Pasarella, an NYPD police officer, is being hailed for his efforts that led to a stray kitten being rescued. After saving the kitten, the officer also ensured that the animal got itself a home and is being cared for by a loving family.

According to ABC News, the New York Police Department received a call on Friday that reported of a tiny stray kitten being stuck underneath the engine block of a minivan. A team of officers responded to the call but were unable to get the stray kitten out of the engine block after repeated efforts. The officers had a difficult time “convincing” the kitten to come out of the engine block of the minivan. That’s when officer John Pasarella arrived on the scene and joined in the rescue efforts.

Pasarella, who also happens to be a volunteer firefighter, then tried a different approach to save the terrified stray animal. He went underneath the car and gently tried to reach out to the kitten. The kitten, however, was simply too scared and kept on moving away from him. In the end, Pasarella had to fit his arm underneath some belts and eventually managed to pull the stray kitten out without injuring the animal.

According to John, the kitten was not more than 1 or 2-months-old.

Following the rescue, the officers were unsure what to do with the stray kitten. Since the kitten wasn’t injured, he decided to help find it a new home. A few calls later, the kitten was adopted by another NYPD police officer, who gave the animal to his son.

Pasarella is happy that he was able to rescue the stray kitten and also find the animal a new home. The officer’s son “absolutely loves” the kitten, John told an ABC News reporter.

“I’m definitely ecstatic that someone I know personally was able to take the kitten. Definitely gives me peace of mind knowing that it’s going to be OK,” Pasarella added.

The rescued stray kitten has already received a new name. It’s called “Pazzy”!

This stray kitten rescue might have reminded you of another such rescue that the Inquisitr reported last year where two police officers rescued a dog trapped on a highway ledge.

[Image Via ABC News]