The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Jennifer Lawrence’s Attractive Bodyguard

The internet has fallen in love all over again with a seemingly random individual who keeps on popping up in images. The man in question this time is Greg Lenz, the bodyguard to Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

According to E! Online, Lawrence and Lenz have been spotted walking around New York City’s fashionable Tribeca neighborhood as the actress looks for a new abode in the Big Apple.

The paparazzi’s interest in the Silver Lining Playbook actress’ new home has seen her photographed repeatedly, and Lenz has appeared in plenty of these shots.

But Lenz isn’t exactly new. In fact, according to MTV News, he has been employed as Jennifer Lawerence’s bodyguard for the last few years. The above image of the pair was taken at the Rome Film Festival premiere of Catching Fire back in 2013.

Meanwhile, it’s also been reported that not only is he married but he’s also “Southern and a real gentleman.” It’s also been widely rumored that Lawrence is currently dating Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, so any chance of a Bodyguard-style romance looks remote.

That hasn’t stopped the internet going crazy for Lenz though. In fact, you can check out some of the responses to the plethora of pictures of him below.

i need jennifer lawrence to date her body guard — Adaliah☆ (@KatysKettleCorn) June 10, 2015

Lawrence only uses Lenz’s abilities from time to time though. That’s because just last winter the internet once again went slightly insane over the attractiveness of Lawrence’s bodyguard for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, whose name was Justin Riblet.

It seems as if, for the time being at least, Lawrence prefers using Lenz instead of Riblet, and it looks as though the internet can’t decide which one they’d rather see protecting her.

[Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images]