Mariah Carey ‘Game Of War’ Ads Lead To Ageist Responses: What Would Madonna Say?

Mariah Carey will replace Kate Upton in the new ads for Game of War: Fire Age. TMZ broke the news on Friday.

“Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ… producers of the mobile game have inked a 7 figure deal with Mariah, who replaces Kate Upton, in which the singer will shoot a 30 second commercial. We’re told the shoot will last 2 days and the guy in charge is the director for Terminator Genisys.”

TMZ goes on to note that Mariah Carey will do several other promotional shoots for the game, but the main thing is the commercial. One would think that in this age of liberal thought, an older woman like Mariah Carey would be celebrated taking over a spot that had been reserved for a model, Kate Upton. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In almost every article that mentions Carey’s new coup, ageist comments follow.

“Most ppl would not hate her if she would act and dress like a lady and learn to accept her real age. Instead she acts and dresses like an aging prostitute who is still pretending to be 19 years old,” wrote user arthookey after the article on TMZ.

“Mariah Carey is like 50 years old.. She’s not a ‘NEW’ anything. CRUSTY OLD SLOP-TART!” wrote commenter “ericsauxe” shortly after.

When the alleged “feminist” blog Jezebel wrote about Carey’s new deal, comments weren’t much better.

“So they replaced young boobs, with old boobs,” wrote commenter GELLA-LLAP.

It was even more depressing reading the vile comments about Mariah Carey on Twitter.


It appears that, according to the Internet, a pop singer like Carey should just die after 40 if she doesn’t start dressing or acting “her age.” Ageism in the entertainment industry has been a huge issue, but it’s been talked about more over the past year. Madonna has helped bring light to the issue, both directly and indirectly. She talked about ageism in a recent issue of Billboard.

“If I have to be the person who opens the door for women to believe and understand and embrace the idea that they can be sexual and look good and be as relevant in their 50s or their 60s or whatever as they were in their 20s, then so be it.”

Mariah Carey has yet to take on the issue, but she certainly has been a victim of it over the past couple of years. Mariah has screwed up plenty of times recently to invite criticism, but the commentary often has to do with her age and not her actions. Do you think the backlash against Mariah Carey is due to ageism? Let us know in the comments section.

[Image by David Becker / Stringer for Getty Images]