Here’s What Happens When Cicadas Attack – Must See! [Video]

Cicadas are normally peaceful creatures who don’t normally attack. Except when cicadas attack reporters, as shown in a now-viral video of a reporter being attacked by the nasty six-legged insects.

Poor Katya Leick, who was poised high in the air on what looks like a cherry picker, was minding her own business and reporting the news for her Kansas City station when she was attacked by a swarm of cicadas during an on-air broadcast. Although it’s not clear what her segment was about, it is certain that the unfortunate Leick was distracted by the cicadas during her on-air moment in Fort Riley, Kansas.

The bugs wouldn’t leave the young lady alone, and one even landed on her face. Leick, of course, responded by freaking out, screaming, flailing her arms, and urging her camera man to hurry up so she could “get out of here” and away from the cicadas, reports KTAR.

Cicadas are winged insects that are normally quiet. They “are benign to humans under normal circumstances and do not bite or sting in a true sense” according to Wikipedia, but don’t tell Katya that. She had to defend herself against their swarming attack, breathing “I…am…ok…whooo!” in response to the cicada’s unrelenting dive bombing.

According to WPTV 5, “cicadas have been dormant in the area for 17 years, but they woke up just in time to make reporter Katya Leick’s job very difficult.” Seems Kansas is about to be invaded by the once-sleepy population of cicadas.

Known to attack and devastate crops, cicadas are also known for being eaten in Greece and China. Perhaps they were getting poor Leick back for the loss of their ancestors, but more likely their attack was more about mating. Not with the reporter, however. Cicadas have even been used by the U.S. Navy to develop better sonar.

Despite the persistent attack, Leick, who’s long curly hair would’ve been a concern for anyone in her situation, tried desperately to finish her piece before the cicada attack got to be too much for her. The video shows several takes in which the reporter has to calm herself before starting again, as the insects persistently fly around her head.

Finally, however, the insects relented, and Katya, who looked very professional in a belted khaki shirt despite the unprofessional situation, was able to finish her piece. There’s no news about how she feels about becoming an internet star for withstanding a cicadas attack.

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