Don Lemon: Political Correctness Dangerous, Liberals Intolerant Of Other Views

Robert Jonathan

Don Lemon of CNN believes that "dangerous" political correctness has run amuck and is far worse in liberal media precincts.

Following on similar anti-PC police views expressed by Jerry Seinfeld and others, Lemon expressed his opinion about the PC culture in a commentary for Black America Web.

While himself generally found on the liberal side of the political spectrum, Lemon has sparred with both liberals and conservatives on CNN and has also been chided on social media for making various wacky live TV comments. For what it's worth, the Columbia Journalism Review "Darts & Laurels" blog identified Lemon as the worst journalist of 2014, although other publications were also so designated.

In his commentary (see embed below), the CNN Tonight host warned listeners that they may be too politically correct for their own good because they might be short-changing themselves from considering other points of view as well as for the good of society collectively.

"Political correctness has become dangerous. We have to stop looking for reasons to be offended. We have to allow people leeway to make mistakes in conversations without calling them racist, bigots, stupid, dumb, sellout …on and on. Not everyone is going to, or should they, have to agree with you. In fact, it's better when people don't agree with you. That's how we learn; that's what conversation is really about. It's not supposed to be an agree-fest."
"After almost 25 years in the news business, you know who is the most easily offended and the least tolerant: Liberals and progressive -- because many of them don't really want to hear anyone else's opinion but their own. Here's a tip: If you only agree with people who hold your same political affiliation or who are of your particular race, gender or ethnicity, you are part of the political correctness run amuck problem. You are actually thwarting progress instead of advancing."

[Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment]