Beautiful Aerial Wedding Video Has An Unexpected Ending [Video]

Beautiful aerial wedding photographs and videos shot using drones have become the norm nowadays. We are pretty sure you too might have come across at least one drone-shot aerial wedding video that shows movie-inspired shots of couples romancing in the backdrop of beautiful locales. However, nothing might prepare you for this video that is going viral.

Shot by 27-year-old videographer Zack Nelson, the video indeed shows a real-life couple who wished to film a romantic outdoor aerial wedding scene using a drone-mounted camera. All seems to be well in the initial few seconds of the video as it captures the beautiful moments that the couple share. The drone then moves up, gains altitude in order to shoot a wider angle of the same shot, and then all of a sudden, you hear a loud noise! In a matter of a few seconds, the drone falls to the ground with a loud thud.

As it turns out, the drone had crashed into a tree that was in the vicinity and immediately dropped to terra-firma.

The video, titled “Beautiful Aerial Wedding Photography,” was uploaded to YouTube on June 11 and since then, has been a massive hit. At the time of writing this post, the video had managed to garner over 2.6 million views in just over 24 hours. The video has also become a topic of discussion at Reddit, where Zack Nelson himself answered to the thousands of queries viewers had about the aftermath of the drone crash.

Zack revealed that the drone did indeed survive the crash — but with damage to its rotors. After replacing them, the drone was back to functioning normally. He also told ABC News that the couple didn’t wish to have the drone present at their wedding since it makes a lot of noise. They were taking a few shots beforehand, and that’s when the now famous mishap happened.

“They’re both outdoorsy people and wanted to have an outdoor shoot. They knew I had this drone and thought it’d be cool, and since drones are super loud they didn’t’ want it during the actual ceremony so we were getting some shots beforehand,” Zack revealed.

Meanwhile, people who have seen the now-famous aerial wedding video have started to leave hilarious comments on both YouTube and Reddit.

Zack also revealed that the funny incident happened on June 6 and added that this was certainly not the first time his drone had a tryst with a tree while shooting an aerial wedding video.

In related news, the Inquisitr reported back in 2013 about another funny incident where a drone ended up hitting the grooms head!

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]

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