Taxi Cab Driver Hailed A Hero After Stopping To Save A Mother Duck, 9 Ducklings, On Congested Street

Checker Yellow Cabs driver Urga Adunga from Calgary, Canada is being hailed a hero after he stopped his cab on a busy stretch of road to save a mother duck and her nine ducklings after they became trapped in construction. The cab driver ushered the ducks into the backseat of his taxi and drove them, free of charge, to the nearby Bow River.

Global News reports that taxi driver Urga Adunga was driving down the street when he noticed a mother duck and her nine ducklings stranded on the busy road. Instead of passing the helpless ducks and picking up a paying customer, the driver pulled over and motioned for traffic to stop while he escorted the ducks into his taxi. Adunga says that several other drivers stopped and helped him move the ducks to the backseat of the cab.

“I jumped out of my cab and I motioned for the oncoming traffic to pull over so I could get the animals to safety. Several drivers got out of their cars and signalled everyone to stop. Other drivers used baby carriers to hold the ducklings and put them gently into my cab with their mama.”

With the ducks safely located in the back of his taxi cab, the driver made his way to the nearest body of water which was the Bow River. He says that throughout the drive, the ducks were very well-behaved and caused him no issue. He says the riders were very polite, sitting quietly as they made their way to the river. In fact, the ducks liked the ride so much that they didn’t want to get out when he finally made it to their destination.

According to the St. Catherine’s Standard, after the mother duck was coaxed out of the taxi by Adunga’s clapping, he realized the baby ducks couldn’t make the jump from the car to the ground. Therefore, the kind cabbie helped assist each baby duck out of the car before returning to his work.

The driver says he has only worked for Checker Yellow Cabs for six months, but couldn’t leave the ducks stranded on the busy road. After dropping off the ducks at the river, Adunga says he cleaned out the backseat of his cab and continued on with the rest of his shift.

CBC Canada notes that the duck’s ride would have cost a paying customer approximately $2, but the driver didn’t mind giving up the fare to help out a feathered friend.

What do you think of the taxi cab driver’s kind actions?

[Image Credit: CBC Canada]