Man Rescues Dog Locked In Hot Car By Breaking Window, Hailed A Hero

A man rescued a dog in a hot car after watching the animal wait for an owner that never appeared. The incident took place on a 90-something degree day in Jackson, Michigan last Monday. Alex Soper is the one who saved the golden retriever puppy that was suffering inside a vehicle that had no windows cracked. Soper is hailed a hero after rescuing the pup by breaking the car window.

Soper told WLSN 6:

“I gave a it a good thud and the window just fell.”

A shopper asked Alex to break the car window and he reportedly didn’t think twice about it. He said:

“It was in the heat of the moment. This lady was distressed. She tells me everything and I look in there. There’s this helpless dog again and it had to be done. Somebody has to do it whether it was me or the next person that walked up behind me. Someone was going to end up doing it.”

Prior to rescuing the dog, the man and concerned woman went searching for the dog’s owner. After 30 minutes with no luck, the puppy was panting desperately. The two of them weren’t going to stand by and watch the animal endure such unbearable conditions.

Soper told MLive that he’d heard about the dangers of leaving young children and animals in hot cars, but he hadn’t actually seen it happen. Alex told the news source:

“This is definitely a first. They are helpless, they can’t do anything to get out, but I’ve never actually seen it before (now).”

Alex Soper isn’t sorry for what he did to rescue the animal. He told WLSN:

“Given the chance I’d do it again.”

Joseph Lebeau is a volunteer at Jackson County animal shelter. He explained what signals a dog is in danger:

“Heat exhaustion, dehydration — scardness cause they’re left alone and it’s hot. The heat. They can actually expire in a car just like a child.”

It’s possible Alex Soper might face charges for breaking the car window, but it’s also illegal to leave a dog locked inside a hot car. If Soper is charged with something, he doesn’t care because he feels he did the right thing. So far he hasn’t heard anything about charges being filed against him.

The Inquisitr wrote another article regarding a dog that was locked in a hot car. That story didn’t turn out as well as the dog the man rescued in this article, however.

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