Kim Kardashian Seeks Pregnancy Advice From New Pal Jessica Simpson

After announcing she is expecting her second child with husband Kanye West, sources say that Kim Kardashian has sought out advice from singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson. Advice Kim is looking for revolves around how to stay fit throughout her pregnancy and avoid gaining excess, unwanted pounds.

Hollywood Life reminded of Kardashian’s pregnancy worries, stating “Now that Kim Kardashian is pregnant, it’s time for the reality star to focus on the next step-staying, healthy throughout her pregnancy.” Jessica Simpson, who has previously been considered more of a rival to the 34-year-old star, is offering tips on weight maintenance and Kim is ensuring to take “preemptive measures to make sure she delivers a healthy baby again.”

As Bang relays, s source recently told OK!Magazine of the new bond made between Kim and Jessica over their pregnancies.

Kim has been leaning heavily on Jess for advice on staying in shape during her second pregnancy. Jessica had a similar experience and ballooned first time but kept it under control the second. She’s proving to be a class-A mentor for Kim.”

Kanye West, who is completely thrilled about the pregnancy news after he and Kim made their struggle to conceive quite public over the past year, is also happy to hear his wife of one year has made a new friend. The source told OK of Kanye’s excitement over the bond.

”Kanye’s definitely encouraging the friendship. He sees a lot of synergy between Kim and Jess, from fashion to diets to reality shows. It’s a no brainer.”

After the news broke that Kim is in fact finally pregnant again, she shared her own intentions for keeping fit with US Weekly, noting that she is choosing clean eating and making healthier choices this time ’round.

“This time around I have a nutritionist to keep me healthy while I’m pregnancy. The last pregnancy, I ate a donut every single day, I’m not doing that this time. But I’ve also been taking it easy and enjoying myself.”

Kim’s said nutritionist has provided her a weekly mean plan with “strict rules.” The diet includes less sodium and plenty of water. Kim says she’s hoping to avoid high-blood pressure disorder which affected her during her pregnancy with North West. With her nutritionists advice and the support of her new pal Jessica Simpson, Kim is well on her way to a healthy and safe second pregnancy and to welcoming her and Kanye’s new bundle of joy.

[Feature image via Fox News]

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