Girl Takes Selfies Before And After Horrible Car Accident Which Left Her Bloodied And Their Car Upside-Down

Girl selfies horrible car accident speeding

Selfies are one of the biggest social media mainstays in the world today, and they likely will be for a very long time. Many people are addicted to them, but it appears as if there was one girl who just couldn’t stop taking them. She couldn’t even stop taking the selfies when her boyfriend was traveling at a high rate of speed when they got into a horrible accident after speeding, and then while bleeding and in the ambulance.

According to Opposing Views, the incident took place in Portugal where an unnamed woman started taking selfies, which appear to be on SnapChat, and posting them while in the car.

Girl selfies horrible car accident speeding

The couple was simply going around in the car and having a good time as she sat in the passenger seat and her boyfriend drove the car. Not long after this first picture, a second one was posted, and it showed exactly how fast they were going.

That equals out to about 112 miles per hour.

Girl selfies horrible car accident speeding

Mad World News reports that the high rate of speed obviously led to a serious situation and a horrible car accident. This is known by the next selfie sent out by the girl which not only shows her staring into the camera and bloodied, but with a caption of “HELLLLLLLLLPPP” on it.

Girl selfies horrible car accident speeding

It appears as if she is still in the car, but proof of what happened is sent in the next selfie which shows the woman outside of the car. Again, her face is shown bloodied and battered, but this time, the caption states “we overturned the car.”

For a little more proof, the next photo sent out shows the overturned vehicle which apparently her and her boyfriend had been riding in. The vehicle is upside-down and completely mangled from one end to the other.

A police vehicle can also be seen in the background.

Girl selfies horrible car accident speeding

That still wasn’t enough for the woman to put the camera down as she ended up taking one more selfie of herself. Luckily, this one showed her getting medical attention as it comes with her on a hospital gurney and in a neck brace

She is also throwing up the peace sign while surrounded by friends.

Girl selfies horrible car accident speeding

This is not the first incident in which selfies or paying attention to one’s phone has caused a bad accident. While the selfies weren’t necessarily the cause of this particular accident — it was the high rate of speed — they surely didn’t help the situation.

Obviously, this girl was obsessed with selfies and just wanted to document every single step of the day from beginning to end. As the day began, she probably never thought that the selfies would include such a horrible accident.

[Images via Mad World News]