Walt Disney World Officially Bans Use Of Selfie Sticks On Park Attractions

Selfie sticks are a huge craze to some people and the most annoying things in the world to other people. Well, one major company is taking a stand against them. Walt Disney World has now announced that the use of selfie sticks on attractions in their theme parks has been banned and will not be allowed at all.

According to WDWNT, Walt Disney World Cast Members are already being instructed to advise guests of the new policy that is being strictly enforced.

“Cast members at greeter positions in front of attractions are now instructed to ask any guest with a visible selfie stick to stow the item for the duration of the experience. A guest using the stick while enjoying a ride or attraction will be asked to stow the item over the attraction’s PA system or the attraction will be stopped immediately by the cast members according to the policy.”

As Inquisitr has found out on site at Walt Disney World, the policy of not using selfie sticks on park attractions is one that has been in place for quite some time. It is one, like the banning of flash photography on attractions, that isn’t followed very closely by park guests.

Now, Disney is taking the selfie stick situation much more seriously as it is one that can prove to be quite dangerous.

Guests visiting the Walt Disney World theme parks have not only been using the selfie sticks on the rides, but sticking them far out into the attraction. Some have hit other ride vehicles, components of the attraction, or even fallen underneath ride vehicles.

The policy of keeping all hands, arms, and other items inside the ride vehicles has been in place at Walt Disney World for decades. The selfie sticks have made this rule come to the forefront and it is going to be enforced much more.

It would not be surprising if new signage is put up soon to advise guests of this situation. There are already signs to advise guests to stay seated, not to use flash photography, and to keep their hands, arms, and feet inside at all times.

It was back in January, that the Orlando Sentinel believed the banning of selfie sticks could come to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and a host of other theme parks.

The usage of selfie sticks outside of park attractions is still allowed in Walt Disney World even though a number of complaints have still been made. Inquisitr has found out recently that complaints about selfie sticks used during parades, fireworks, and stage shows have grown tremendously over the last few months.

One Cast Member spoke with Inquisitr on the condition of anonymity back in February.

“Guests are not happy that they will have found a place to watch the Wishes fireworks or Celebrate the Magic (Show on Cinderella Castle), and it’s a perfect view…but then a selfie stick goes right up in the air in front of their face.”

For now, selfie sticks aren’t totally banned at Walt Disney World, but guests will no longer be able to use them on rides. Again, this is not a new policy, but Cast Members will be enforcing it and have been given scripts in order to properly advise guests and make sure they know the sticks can’t be used on attractions.

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