Zendaya Responds To Sexist Tweet In Obligatory Perfect Fashion

Over the last few months, Zendaya has more than proven that she can hold her own in any online battle. But on Thursday, she produced a perfect and cutting response to a tweet that shamed a woman for not wearing make-up.

Zendaya has previously called out messages that have been both sexist and racist. And after coming across a message from the Twitter account Manstagram, which is probably just as misogynistic as you’re imagining.

The account has over 200,000 followers, but that didn’t stop Zendaya taking offence to an image that was uploaded by the account, which tried to shame Shannon, a YouTube makeup artist, for not wearing makeup. You can check out the cheap and petty attack below.

After spotting the offensive post, Zendaya decided to return with her own biting barb, which highlighted just how beautiful Shannon looked with and without her make-up on.

After spotting that Zendaya had jolted to her defense following the aforementioned attempt at humor, Shannon took to her own Twitter account to thank Zendaya.

Shannon wasn’t the only one to shower Zendaya praise for her antics, as a cavalcade of users followed up her response with their own approval, too.

This is far from the first time that Zendaya has taken it upon herself to respond to comments that she has found incorrect and offensive. Following racist comments that were made on E!’s Fashion Police regarding her hair style, Zendaya wrote out a diatribe that explained why she was so offended by the comments.

Giuliana Rancic stated that Zendaya’s hair at the Oscars made it look as though she smelt of “patchouli oil… or weed.” This led Zendaya to write out a response that showed she was wise beyond her years.

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