‘The Simpsons’ Homer And Marge Probably Aren’t Divorcing

After 26 years of wedded bliss, are Marge and Homer Simpson really going to call it quits and divorce?

That was the question on everyone’s mind when news came out that Homer would fall in love with guest star Lena Dunham, who plays a pharmacist, and separate from Marge in the season opener of The Simpsons.

That said, The Simpsons official Twitter shot back at the rumors by making a few interesting tweets.

This first tweet more than hinted at the fact that the news of Marge and Homer’s impending divorce was just an overblown rumor and shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

If that isn’t enough the official Simpsons Twitter also tweeted their support of Marge and Homer as a couple.

So how did these rumors of Marge and Homer’s demise start? Well, it comes from an unlikely source. The Simpsons’ executive producer Al Jean spoke about Homer and Marge’s separation.

In an interview with Variety, Jean paints the picture for the season premiere of The Simpsons. “In the premiere, it’s discovered after all the years Homer has narcolepsy and it’s an incredible strain on the marriage. Homer and Marge legally separate, and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, who’s voiced by Lena Dunham.”

Jean later tweeted about his comments:

Going by the official Twitter and how things usually work in the Simpson world, perhaps this separation won’t stick past the season premiere?

This isn’t the only rumor going around about The Simpsons. It was reported that Bart Simpson would die at the hands of Sideshow Bob in the Halloween episode of The Simpsons. That said, as we know all of the Halloween episodes all play outside of current storylines, so his death won’t stick either.

Aside from viewers getting the check out Bart’s death, they’ll also get to take a journey with him in the same vein as last year’s indie hit Boyhood.

“We have an episode based on the film “Boyhood.” It’s a flashback/flashforward about Bart. We go to various points in his life and his life to come which I think came out really well.”

What do you think of the upcoming Simpsons’ storylines?

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