Iggy Azalea Visits Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Apologizes For Offensive Comments

No one is a fan of Iggy Azalea these days. The Australian rapper has been under scrutiny for her changing looks, her offensive remarks, and for appropriating black culture. She was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon just a month after rumors swirled that Iggy Azalea went under the knife to change her features.

Azalea, 25, was seen leaving the Epione Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills. The “Fancy” rapper’s recent spotting is making fans wonder if she got more work done. Azalea was spotted leaving the clinic, whose clientele include Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Pia Mia. The clinic specializes in Botox, blood facials, and laser treatment. Azalea left the popular clinic with two black shopping bags and a redder face than usual.

Was Iggy’s red face from embarrassment or from a chemical peel? Some reports have noted that the “Pretty Girls” rapper looked upset in the photos. The Daily Mail claims that Iggy went to the Epione clinic for a skin treatment. It probably wasn’t for a scheduled procedure, since she was seen taking horse riding lessons the very next day.

Now, it looks like Azalea is doing her best to get back in the good graces of her fans. The rapper has been faced with many missteps lately. Azalea not only cancelled her Great Escape tour, but she cancelled her Pittsburg Pride headlining appearance earlier this week after LGBT groups dropped out in light of her offensive tweets. Azalea is notorious for making offensive remarks on Twitter, which is partly the reason why she’s been receiving so much backlash.

The rapper also took to Twitter to apologize for the offensive remarks she made in the past. In her lengthy message, Iggy noted that she’s a believer in equality. Iggy also added that she didn’t realize that her offensive remarks would come back to bite her one day.

But it’s not just the homophobic remarks that Azalea has gone under fire for. It’s also the racist remarks that she’s made in the past. Azalea has made jokes about Mexicans, Asians, and black people. It also doesn’t help matters when she’s been accused of appropriating black culture.

The tweets, now deleted, included messages such as: “Just saw 5 black men get arrested out the front of popeyes. #damn #stereotypes” and “b**ches in LA be stick skinny. To the bone. White, black, Mexican…Okay so maybe not Mexican.”

And those are some of Iggy’s tame tweets.

Hopefully, the rapper will learn about the harm she’s caused and will grow from it. Do you think Iggy Azalea was sincere about her apology? Or, do you think she’s just trying to get in the good graces of her fans? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jason Merritt / Getty Images]

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