Stuart Varney Goes Nuclear: ‘Fox’ Host Boots Guest During ‘Fracking Fears’ Debate

He knows business economics as good as anyone else, but Stuart Varney is also one bad dude.

The Fox Business host exploded and kicked a noted activist off his show when he was accused of flip-flopping over his fracking stance, citing a Mediaite report.

On Varney & Co., the savvy journalist sat with Gasland writer/director, Josh Fox, who was there to refute reports by mainstream media after the Environmental Protection Agency released its findings on that fracking. In wake of the report, several sources reported the controversial practice was safe, and states like New York were wrong to ban exploration.

Fox called Varney out on his hypocrisy for his sudden change of heart. Allegedly, during a commercial break, the host said he would not allow fracking on his yard, and he even “lit his tap water on fire.” Back on camera, the gloves came off.

“The interview is over. You are outta here young man.”

“If you said to me earlier that you would not want fracking in your own neighborhood, it’s irresponsible for you to say on air that the rest of America should frack.”

EW notes that Stuart Varney had an exchange on his show last week with ecologist and anti-fracking activist Sandra Steingraber in which he promoted the process to get to “our natural resources.”

The EPA study Fox refers to, which appears to lend ammo to both sides, began in 2010. It looked at the impact of fracking on the environment, namely drinking water reserves. It said that while it has not yet led to “widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States,” the extraction process could possibly pollute drinking water tables in some cases.

Even the Hulk got involved in the debate against the controversial process. Actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays Marvel’s big green superhero, is an advisory board member of Americans Against Fracking who weighed in on the study.

“Today’s EPA fracking water contamination study confirms what both the oil and gas industry and the Obama Administration have long denied—that fracking poisons American’s drinking water supplies. The EPA study reviewed hundreds of confirmed water contamination cases from drilling and fracking. It’s time to stop poisoning the American people and shift rapidly to renewable energy.”

Stuart Varney angrily ended the chat when his guest called him a liar. It’s unknown if the activist will ever be back on the show. But one thing is clear: if you challenge Varney’s integrity, you get the boot — quick, fast and in a hurry.

[Photo: Fox Business screenshot via EcoWatch]