‘Human Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova Changes Her Name To Amatue, Find Out Why

Valeria Lukyanova, known as the “human barbie,” has decided to change her name to Amatue. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Lukyanova explains why.

“I’ve been associating myself only with Amatue for a long time now and even my mom calls me Amatue,” she explained.

“Well, that’s [Valeria] my earthly name and more for people who don’t really know me or aren’t absorbed with esoterics; they don’t understand this. But all the people who are close to me, they call me Amatue,” she continued.

Valeria also went on to admit that she does not like having the nickname “human barbie,” and finds it “degrading.”

“I don’t think they are right,” she told the magazine about those who refer to her by the nickname. “I think it’s even a little degrading and insulting, but I’m used to it now, since that’s what my work demands and this is precisely the image most fans request. So I have to comply with it because it’s become part of my aesthetic image, but I don’t like it.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Amatue frequently uses the hashtag “barbie.” She said she uses the hashtag so her fans can find her pictures because she has become known as the most popular “human barbie.”

“When people look for me, they look for me with that hashtag, so,” she continued. “I’m the most popular [Barbie] copy in the world. When people say “Barbie,” it’s clear that it’s associated with me, not anyone else. So that’s why I use that hashtag — so people can find me this way.”

Valeria is very artistic and refers to herself as a singer, actress, writer, and poet. She said she conducts seminars to “help people a bit to find themselves in this life.”

“I’m an artistic person and I have a wide range of activities and that doesn’t get in the way at all of singing and conducting seminars. I conduct seminars a couple times a year,” she said. “Some people think I do this in order to make money, but that’s not the case. It’s not possible to make money in just a couple of times. I do it only to help people a bit to find themselves in this life.”

“My next seminar will be in Moscow in September, and the topic will be purpose. I believe that every person needs to find a purpose in life and then he will be happy. [The seminars] are absolutely for anyone who wants to attend. I’m engaged in organizing them entirely through my own efforts, because it’s really important for me to help people and I believe that my own purpose in this world is actually to enlighten people, so I try to fulfill it,” she added.

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