Fox News Correspondent Says The Duggar Family Isn’t A ‘Bad Example’ Of Christian Values

One of the most hotly discussed topics lately has been the Duggar family, the subject of a reality TV show who have received a lot of hate over serious child molestation allegations against one of the many siblings. But not everybody is furiously calling for the Duggar family to be taken off the air. One religious correspondent for Fox News, Father Jonathan Morris, recently said that the Duggars shouldn’t be kicked off television for the actions of one son–and he even claimed they weren’t necessarily a bad example of a good American home.

Another Fox correspondent, Tucker Carlson, posed the question of whether or not the Duggar family deserved to have their show cancelled primarily because they are Christian, and the eldest Duggar son’s actions don’t reflect Christian values.

“The question is if the Duggar family is held to a higher standard because they are Christians and their family life has been televised for all these years,” he said.

According to Salon, Jonathon Morris spoke to the panel on Fox & Friends on Sunday and defended the TLC show 19 and Counting. While he did admit that the actions of one member of the Duggar family were deplorable, the family overall is no worse than other reality TV stars.

“Should Josh be on the show? I don’t think so — it would be very inappropriate. Is this family now a bad example because they had one child of nineteen that did something wrong, something very, very, very wrong?… I don’t think we can say that this family is sort of a bad example. Think about what’s on television right now. How about the Kardashians? Great examples? How about the real wives of Hollywood or New Jersey?”

Father Morris even praised the Duggar family for how they reacted to the child molestation scandal when Josh Duggar was exposed. While he admitted nobody knows the whole story, he said, “They seem to have responded to it pretty well.”

“This social outcry that they are bad people and should not be allowed on television?” Morris continued. “I don’t think so.”

What do you think? Should the Duggar family be kicked off TLC for the actions of the eldest son, Josh? Or is the Duggar family still a better group of role models than other reality TV stars like the real housewives of New Jersey?

[Image credit: Fox]