Caitlyn Jenner Inspires Syrian Rebels, They Want To Be Free Like Her

Syrian rebels are using Caitlyn Jenner as an inspiration in a bid to be “free,” just like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star who recently unveiled her new look on a Vanity Fair cover.

Protestors and activists from the town of Kafranbel, Syria, have vowed to change their town’s name to Cafranbel in honor of the Olympic gold medalist, while at the same time pleading and appealing for humanitarian help.

The activists held up a banner that claimed they would change their name, while at the same time asking the reality television star for help to get away from the conflict that has enveloped their region.

They wrote to Caitlyn Jenner, “Caityln! We would write Kafranbel with a C, if it meant like you, we would be free. Maybe liberated Cafranbel?” They then dated their banner, “The Syrian Revolution – From Kafranbel 6 Jun 15.”

You can check out the tweet that has been aimed towards Caitlyn Jenner below.

This isn’t the first time that Syrian Rebels have aimed a twitter message towards an American celebrity to raise awareness of their plight. Back in April, they wrote out a post for Angelina Jolie.

They also aimed a message to Samantha Power, the Irish-American who is an author and diplomat who is currently the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

They also created a message in honor of Robin Williams shortly after his death, too.

The Syrian rebels started creating their banners back in 2012, while their Facebook page, via the Daily Mail, insists that they “believe in freedom, justice, equality and democracy.” Their goal is to create a “civil state in Syria after Assad and we seek a Syria for Syrians only.”

[Images via Daily Star/The Loop]