Pregnant Woman Vanishes: Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther Disappears An Hour Before She Was Scheduled To Give Birth

A pregnant woman vanished merely an hour before she was scheduled to give birth.

Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther, 49, was scheduled to give birth, via c-section, last Tuesday. However, an hour before the birth was set to take place, at approximately 5 a.m. ET, she seemingly disappeared from her Salisbury, North Carolina, home.

Lauren Lusk, Bradshaw-Crowther’s daughter, told NBC News that she stopped at a convenience store to get gas before driving her mother to the hospital, which was about 40 miles to Charlotte. Lusk had been staying with her mom over the weekend to prepare for the baby’s arrival, but when she arrived back at her mother’s home Tuesday morning, she was nowhere to be found.

“I needed to get gas and she told me to leave and be back in 15 minutes, and we were gone maybe seven or eight minutes, and when we got back she was gone,” Lusk told Channel 9. “When I got back, she was gone. The lights in the house were off, the door was unlocked,” she added.

Carrie’s car was also missing. Thinking that she may have driven herself to the hospital, Lusk called the hospital to see if she had arrived. They had not seen her. The police then checked with surrounding hospitals, all of which said that she was not there. Police believe Carrie could be traveling in a champagne-colored 2001 Mazda MPV. The van has a Kansas tag number: QKP711.

Carrie Bradshaw Crowther
Carrie Bradshaw Crowther

Bradshaw-Crowther had a condition which would require her to give birth by cesarean section, making her pregnancy high-risk.

“She seemed nervous obviously, but more towards the end of the pregnancy, she started getting happier about it. The last few weeks, she was really excited,” Lusk said.

It has been nearly a week since Lusk last saw her mother, and there is still no sign of her. Lusk said she is especially worried because her mother cannot deliver the baby naturally. She said the baby’s father has not heard from her, either.

“She cannot give natural birth, and that’s why our family is so worried,” Lusk said. “Because if she does go into labor she won’t make it.”

“She has had no contact with family,” said Capt. Shelia Lingle. “We just want to make sure she is safe.”

Carrie Bradshaw Crowther
Carrie Bradshaw Crowther missing person report

Carrie’s family members shared a post on her Facebook page yesterday asking people not to speculate on her disappearance.

“Please note. One important request is to please not speculate. Nobody knows what happened to cause Carrie to flee her home on the morning of her surgery. We do not know if she is distressed, if she is scared, or if she is in a confused state…we just do not know. There are a number of serious medical conditions!

From stroke to Hippocampas Amnesia to organic conditions and even brain tumor or lesions that could cause one to go missing due to the condition and not of choice. What we DO know is she is loved very much and she is in need of medical attention for her condition that makes a natural delivery life threatening.

Below are photos from the convenient mart of the last ‘official sighting’ from the convenient mart in Statesville, NC. on 6/3/2015. Thank you for respecting the family, and for respecting Carrie herself. Cynthia – LostNMissing”

pregnant woman vanishes
Carrie Bradshaw Crowther's vehicle
pregnant woman vanishes
Carrie Bradshaw Crowther spotted at convenient mart in Statesville, NC

Lusk is holding on to hope that someone will have some information that can lead her to her mother.

“Please call. We are scared, and we miss her. We want to know she’s OK,” Lusk pleaded.

Anyone with any information as to where Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther could be should call the Salisbury Police Department at 704-638-5333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

[Photo’s via Facebook / Missing Carrie Bradshaw Crowther]