Pregnant Woman Vanishes Without A Trace The Day She Was Scheduled For C-Section

A 49-year-old pregnant woman from North Carolina, Carrie Bradshaw Crowther, was scheduled to deliver her baby daughter via c-section on Tuesday. The pregnancy was high-risk so Crowther’s older daughter, Lauren Lusk, drove from Kansas City to be by her mother’s side for the delivery. Lusk says that everything seemed normal with her mother so she left to fill up her car with gas before making the drive to the hospital. Lusk says she was only gone maybe seven or eight minutes, but when she returned her mother was nowhere to be found. The lights were off and her car was gone. Now, Crowther’s family is desperately searching for the missing pregnant woman as they say she has a medical condition that prevents her from having a natural childbirth and that she could die if she delivers the baby on her own.

WSOCTV reports that Carrie Bradshaw Crowther, 49, was scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday to deliver a new baby girl at a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. Therefore, Crowther’s older daughter, Lauren Lusk, came to stay with her mother leading up to the delivery. On Tuesday morning, as Carrie was preparing items she wanted to take to the hospital, Lauren noted that she needed to get some gas before they made the trip to the hospital. Carrie told her to go ahead and get gas now and to be back in 15 minutes. Lauren says she was only gone for about seven or eight minutes, but when she returned her mother was gone.

Lauren says that upon returning the lights to the house were off and Carrie’s vehicle was not in the garage. After her pregnant mother failed to return back to the house, Lauren became worried. She waited in hopes that Carrie would return, but when 6 p.m. arrived and Carrie did not return for her scheduled hospital appointment, the daughter contacted police.

“The longer she was gone … it was 6 and we were supposed to be at the hospital. That’s when I knew there was something to worry about.”


According to the report, police say that a final call was made from Carrie’s phone about 20 minutes after her disappearance to another number, but it is unclear who the mystery number belongs to. On Wednesday Carrie was seen at a convenience store in Statesville, which is about 25 miles west of her home. Police are now questioning people at a nearby motel. The pregnant woman has still not been found and her daughter says that she might die if she isn’t found before she goes into labor.

“She cannot give natural birth, and that’s why our family is so worried. Because if she does go into labor she won’t make it.”

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Handout]