Jenelle Evans Denies Dating New Man, Says Custody Deal Works Perfectly With Nathan

Jenelle Evans has been staying out of the spotlight for a couple of weeks, as she has been dealing with her current situation. Evans has been taking of her two sons, even though Nathan Griffith is no longer living with them. After a violent altercation earlier this year, Jenelle decided to end her relationship with him. This entire thing may have been caught on camera for Teen Mom, as the previews do show an altercation between them.

Even though Jenelle Evans may not be invested in her relationship with Nathan anymore, she is moving on and focusing on herself. And since Evans is the queen of drama, many people are expecting her to start some kind of drama or situation. And this weekend, rumors quickly surfaced that Jenelle was dating again.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans wrote something on the social media network that didn’t sit well with people. Evans is known for writing tweets that can mean a handful of things, and this weekend was no different.

“Your spot in line is almost taken…” Evans tweeted, which had many people guess that she was talking to Nathan about being replaced by someone else.

It wouldn’t be breaking news if she decided to start dating someone else. In the past, Jenelle has admitted that she can’t be left alone and that she absolutely needs someone with her. She has revealed that she hates being single, which is why she has often met new men just weeks after going through public breakups. But she is denying that she is dating these days, despite having a profile on Tinder, according to the Inquisitr.

“Nope,” Jenelle Evans replied, which had one follower point out, “why would you want to be with her? She cries domestic violence with everyone she’s been with. She’s insane.”

Instead, she is focusing on her youngest son, Kaiser. Jenelle is wrapping up her schooling soon and could be entering the job market soon. Getting back together with Nathan doesn’t appear to be a priority right now. So, when someone asked him about her custody agreement, she was quick to set the record straight.

“lmfao uhm no I had him all week.. Now Nathan does. We co-parent perfectly whether he moved on or not,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter in response to a rumor that Griffith had gained full custody of their shared son.

And this goes in line with what her lawyer, Amy S. Lawrence, has said about the couple. Amy reveals that they are speaking to one another, going to co-parenting classes, and working on a custody schedule to avoid any future drama and arrests.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ current situation?

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