GoodSearch turns search into fundraising is a search destination that returns 50% of all profits to a users nominated charity. is powered by Yahoo and raises money for charities by splitting the returns on any ads shown against the search results. Over 60,000 US nonprofits across the country are actively earning funds from GoodSearch and the site has over 100 organizations submitting new applications daily.

To nominate your charity, you simply add the name of the charity before you use the site to search. Any charity or not for profit organization can be entered, and the site encourages schools and other groups to use the services as well as part of fundraising drives.

Success stories include the ASPCA which has earned more than $15,000 to care for animals to the Bubel Aiken Foundation which has earned more than $8,000 to send disabled children to summer camp.

It's a nice idea, although the term Good Search is somewhat ironic given they are serving up Yahoo results and not Google results. Other sites that offer a similar service include GoodTree, Everyclick and CatchTomorrow.