Apparently, Scaring This Old Man Is Priceless – His Reaction Explains Everything! [Video]

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

A video of an old man being frightened numerous times by the recorder of said video is making its viral rounds on the internet. It is so popular that the video is currently popular on video streaming social site, YouTube.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, frightening subjects while recording them seems to be a mainstay for homegrown comedy. Such examples include the time a bear romping about in Yellowstone National Park scared a bunch of tourists, an underwater “zombie tea party” scaring a snorkeler out of water, and even Kanye West’s uncensored music video for “All Day” which seems to scare white people.

Anyways, the video was uploaded on June 4 by VineCompOfTheWeek on their YouTube page. From what is shown in the video, the man recording the video is constantly scaring another older man. It is assumed that the two are related in some way, though nothing is mentioned of it. Still, the reaction the old man makes is priceless as he jumps a bit and curses in a heavy accent, possibly English. Now, it is possible the video is a bunch of scenes acted out, but there is no mention of this or any investigative reports researching the possibility.

In conclusion, the video has proven to be a hit on YouTube with over 731,000 views which consists of over 5,200 likes and a little over 200 dislikes. At this moment, the video is currently the 19th most watched video on the social video site as shown by the #PopularOnYouTube list. Since the video was uploaded about three days ago, it is most likely climbing the list through at a slow pace. By tomorrow, it will be known if the video is still relevant or losing traction.

Now that you’ve seen the priceless video of the old man getting frightened, what are your views? Did you find it entertaining or a waste? Better yet, do you think it is authentic or staged?

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]