Amber Peat Found Hanged: Father Learned His Daughter, 13, Had Run Away Via Facebook Post

A 13-year-old girl from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire ran away from home after getting into an argument with her mother over who was going to clean out an ice chest after a family trip. The girl, Amber Peat, went missing from her family home after the argument, but the girl’s biological father says he was not informed of her disappearance and instead learned about it from a Facebook post. The angry father says he is “still reeling from not being included in the search for his daughter.”

The Daily Mail reports that 13-year-old Amber Peat had just returned from a vacation with her mother and stepfather when an argument erupted over who was going to clean out an ice chest used during the trip. The young girl ran away from the home and remained missing for days. The girl went missing on Saturday, but her biological father, Adrian Cook, was not informed. It wasn’t until he saw a post on Facebook requesting information about the missing child that he knew his daughter was missing. Adrian’s mother says it is a “disgrace” that her son was not included in the search for her missing granddaughter.

“It’s a disgrace he had to find out this way.”

Sadly, Amber Peat’s body was found three days after she went missing. The girl was found hanging in a hedgerow near the family’s home. The girl’s grandmother says that she doesn’t know what could have been so bad that the young girl would have wanted to take her own life. She notes that the girl was upset that she didn’t get to see her father, but didn’t know how it could have gotten so bad.

“The whole family is devastated. I can’t imagine what has been so bad that Amber had to take her own life like this. I think she was upset about not seeing her dad. But I don’t know how things have got to this.”

The Huffington Post notes that the area the girl’s body was found was very public and some are questioning why it took so long to find the body. Yolanda Cassidy, who lives next to the place Amber Peat’s body was found, says that the area is “nearly main road.”

“I went shopping on Monday and walked across there. People are back and forth, it’s a nearly main road, people go up and down, I can’t believe she’s been there since Saturday.”

[Image Credit: Youtube Tribute Screenshot/Facebook Missing Person Post]