Kinny Redmon: What This Woman Allegedly Did To Ex’s Puppy Will Infuriate You, And So Will Her Bail

Kinny Redmon, the woman accused of killing her boyfriend’s pit bull, will receive bond if someone can post the $250,000 set by a judge.

This is obviously a setback for prosecutors who were pushing for a $1 million bond due to the “extreme” and “depraved” nature of the alleged crime.

According to a report from the News-Gazette, Kinny Redmon, 24, was at odds with her ex, so she allegedly decided to take a step that has many animal lovers horrified.

Authorities claim that she turned the oven up to 300 degrees and placed the small pit bull puppy inside. After doing so, she placed a series of calls from Carle Hospital.

(Her boyfriend verified that she didn’t have a phone and would often call from there and the courthouse.)

When he listened to the message, he was horrified at what it said.

“Go get yo’ puppy out the oven, (expletive).”

The man reportedly rushed home in a panic and found the oven on, set to 300, with a chair shoved up against the door so the dog couldn’t escape.

The puppy was found inside the oven, cooked to death.

In the previous report from the Inquisitr on this story, it was revealed that State’s Attorney Julia Rietz said Redmon is a mom, and that her child “is staying with relatives.”

The Department of Children and Family Services has begun the investigation. The Assistant State’s Attorney, Scott Larson, asked for a $1 million bond for Kinny Redmon, noting the “extreme cruelty and depravity” of the alleged act and because of incidents in the past, when she did not report to her parole officer or get required counseling for a disorderly conduct charge in March.

The Assistant Public Defender, Dave Appleman, successfully argued for a lower bond, as Redmon is expecting another child and stays with her parents on occasion. This ultimately convinced the judge to give the reduced $250,000 bond.

MyFoxChicago reports that, at this time, it is unclear as to whether the same public defender will be trying the case.

Many of the commenters on this story were disgusted by her actions, with some calling for her execution.

Some of the tamer comments speculated that “If she can do this to a puppy, then she would do it to a child.”

“She should never see the light of day again,” a second commenter added.

What do you think, readers? Should Kinny Redmon do serious prison time for this, or would that be cruel and unusual punishment? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via News-Gazette, linked above]