Scott AFB Airman Disappears Prior To Court-Martial Trial On Charges Of Sexual Abuse

In Illinois, it was realized that a Scott AFB airman has disappeared just a day before he was to be court-martialed. According to Fox News, Technical Sgt. David Helm was last seen on base on May 29 after telling family and friends he was traveling to La Follette, Tennessee, to visit his parents. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Authorities suspect that he’s traveling on his black Yamaha Fz8 motorcycle. The Illinois license plates read DM2809.

Helm was to be court-martialed Monday for “various crimes related to sexual abuse.”

The Air Force is calling the Scott AFB airman who disappeared a “fugitive.” A representative from the AFOSI confirmed to KSDK that Helm was to appear on trial Monday and be court-martialed on June 8 on charges of sexual assault, sexual abuse of a child, indecent filming or photographing of a private area of another person without consent, and simple assault.

Helm’s family and friends fear that he’s in danger. They’ve set up a “Find David Helm” Facebook page. The missing sergeant is described as 5-foot-7-inches tall and weighing 180 pounds. He has brown eyes and dark brown and gray hair. Anyone with information on Helm is asked to contact the Air Force at 877-246-1453.

No other details in the missing sergeant case have been released. It’s unknown where he’d be heading other than visiting friends and family in Tennessee. According to Missing Veterans, the quickest route from Scott Air Force Base in the state of Illinois to Tennessee is by taking I-64 East to Lexington, Kentucky, before heading on I-75 South to La Follotte, Tennessee. The total distance of this specific route is 451 miles — and is an average 6-hr.-43-min. drive.

The Inquisitr has written about other military members and those involved with sexual assault crimes. In May, 2014, an Army soldier was accused of assaulting 12 other soldiers over a 3-year period, many of which were in Afghanistan.

Staff Sergeant Sanchez allegedly used his “position of authority with the 14th Military Police Brigade to threaten some of the female soldiers that he is accused of sexually assaulting,” according to the report out at the time.

Details surrounding the sexual abuse case against the Scott AFB airman who disappeared are scarce, due to an investigation in which authorities are trying to track down what happened to Helm. His family is concerned for his safety, but there aren’t any reports of who might want to harm the sergeant.

[Photo Credit: KSDK via USAF]